Early Christian preaching, especially in Jewish Christian circles, often included a re-interpretation of familiar biblical texts in light of the experience of the risen Christ. How well do we know our Bible? Could we do what Jesus did on the road to Emmaus and help others understand the whole Bible in the light of Christ?

Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Music Suggestions

Acts 2:14, 22-28. Another sample of early Christian preaching that uses the psalms to interpret the meaning of Jesus' death and resurrection.


Psalm of the Day: Ps (15) 16

This prayer for protection includes at its heart an extended reflection of what it means to believe in the One God.


For You Are My God (Foley) BB-MI 428/CBW 483/GC 616/GP 612/JS 694

Harbor of My Heart (Warner) PMB 138/WS 327

Lord, You Will Show Us the Path of Life (Guimont) GC2 884

Lord, You Will Show Us the Path of Life (Hurd) JS 17

Lord, You Will Show Us the Path of Life (Joncas/Gelineau) RS 34/WOR 839

Lord, You Will Show Us the Path of Life (Kasbohm) PMB 619

Lord, You Will Show Us the Path of Life (Schiavone) JS 924

Show Us, Lord the Path of Life (Somerville) CBW 94

The Path of Life  OFUV 136

You Will Show Me the Path of Life (Balhoff/Daigle/Ducote) GP 170

You Will Show Me the Path of Life (Haugen) GC 24/GC2 19/RS 36

You Will Show Me the Path of Life (Soper) GP 169

You Will Show Me the Path of Life (I)  SS 488

You Will Show Me the Path of Life (II)  SS 489


Common Psalm: Ps (65) 66

Let All the Earth Cry Out with Joy


1 Peter 1:17-21. Faith has consequences for our moral life during our "sojourn in a strange land."


Luke 24:13-35. The road to Emmaus. Could the two disciples be husband and wife? (Maybe.) Is this a summary of the early Christian Eucharist: proclamation and preaching followed by the "breaking of the bread"? (Probably.)


Songs for the Liturgy

*All You Nations (E)  PMB 153/WC 444/WS 355

Alleluia! Sing to Jesus (G) BB-MI 727/CBW 426/FYC3 /GC 853/GC2 826/G3 949/GP3 361/JS 477/JS3 458/LMGM 67/LMGM2 752 /OFUV 518/OIF 630/PMB 352/RS 914/SS 989/WC 746/WS 610 /WOR 737 /WOR4 953

At the Lamb's High Feast We Sing (2,C)   BB-MI 163/CBW 375/GC 433/GC2 463/G3 536/GP 394/GP3 319/JS 434/JS3 407/LMGM2 316/OFUV 480/OIF 453/PMB 271/RS 578/SS 765/WC 593/WS 497/WOR 459,460/WOR4 512

Be Light for Our Eyes (Ps,G) GC 509/GC2 511/CBW 305

Behold the Lamb (2,G) BB-MI 338 /CBW /FYC3 /GC 823 /GC2 824/G3 939/GP 534/GP3 492/JS 809/JS3 785/OFUV 799

Bread of Life (G) GP 498,522/JS 819/JS3 788

Christ Has Risen (G) GC 451/GC2 465/G3 530/LMGM 65/WOR4 505

Christ Is Risen! Shout Hosanna! GC2 449/G3 521/OIF 459/PMB 263/SS 751/WC 610/WS 505/WOR4 498

Christ the Lord Is Risen Again BB-MI 166/JS 442/JS3 420/OIF 461/SS 239/WC 617

Christ the Lord Is Risen Today (E,1,2,G) BB-MI 178/CBW 385/GC 437/GC2 439/G3 523/GP3 320,334/JS 427/JS3 403/LMGM 57/LMGM2 311/OFUV 487/OIF 462/PMB 268/RS 594, 602/SS 756/WC 594,598/WOR 452,461,462,463/WOR4 496,520

*Come and Eat This Living Bread, v 2 (G) GC2 820/G3 942

Companions on the Journey (G) BB-MI 578/GP 566/GP3 545/JS 851/JS3 835

*Daylight Fades (G)  RS 597/WOR 448

Draw Us in the Spirit's Tether (G) JS 797/RS 917/WOR 731/WOR4 937

Easter Alleluia, v 3 (G) GC 424/GC2 447/RS 592/SS 753

Gift of Finest Wheat (G) BB-MI 324/GC 815/GC2 816/G3 940/GP 525/GP3 487/JS 803/JS3 791/LMGM 136/LMGM2 757/OFUV 807/OIF 540/PMB 300/ SS 1009/WC 666/WS 560/WOR 736/WOR4 939

Give Thanks and Remember (1,G) OIF 538/PMB 315/WC 682/WS 569

God, Our God of Distant Ages (G) OIF 609/PMB 346/WC 736/WS 607

God’s Holy Mystery (G) OIF 541/PMB 297/WC 658/WS 553

He Comes to Us as One Unknown (G) WOR 573/WOR4 675

I Am the Vine (G) OIF 762/PMB 436/WC 868/WS 669

I Come with Joy to Meet My Lord (G) (1) CBW 424/FYC3 /GC 806/GC2 /G3 919/LMGM2 754/OIF 724/PMB 320/RS 854/SPS /SS 979/WC 913/WS 576/WOR 726 /WOR4 926

I Danced in the Morning (1) BB-MI 563/GC 708/GC2 689/G3 796/GP 395/GP3 322/JS 764/JS3 636/OFUV 670/OIF 631/PMB 366/RS 809/WC 750/WS 615 /WOR 636 /WOR4 777

I Received the Living God (G) BB-MI 357/GC 851/GC2 809/G3 916/ JS 815 /JS3 786/

OIF 544/PMB 312/RS 913/SS 999/WC 676/ WOR 735/WOR4 923/WS 571         

*In the Breaking of the Bread/Cuando Partimos el Pan del Señor (G,C) BB-MI 325/FYC3 /GC 841/GC2 843/G3 918/GP 508/GP3 489/JS  533/JS3 779/OFUV 806/OIF /PMB 303/RS 932/WC 663/WS 545/WOR4 944 

Jesus Is Here Right Now (G) LMGM 142/LMGM2 751/RS 930

Jesus Is Our King, v 3 (G) LMGM 91

*Journeysong (G) GP 581/JS 759/JS3 731

Let the Hungry Come to Me, v 6 (G) WC 695

Let Us Break Bread Together (G) BB-MI 320/GC 832/GC2 832/GP 505/GP3 488/JS 806/JS3 800/LMGM 135/OFUV 801/OIF 572/PMB 313/RS 911/WC 653/WS 544/WOR 727

*Lift Up Your Hearts (E) BB-MI 529/GC 558/GC2 543/G3 624/GP 676/GP3 725 /JS 711/JS3 593/OFUV 580 /RS 691

May We Be One (1,G) RS 477/GC 316/GC2 322/G3 394

Now in This Banquet (G) CBW 608/GC 833/GC2 825/RS 933

Now Let Us from This Table Rise (G) CBW 521/PMB 472/WC 963/WOR 625

Now We Remain (G) BB-MI 507/GC 694/GC2 640/G3 785/RS 813/SS 983

WC 678/WS 561/WOR4 764

*On Emmaus’ Road (G) PMB 401/WC 821/WS 649/SS

*On the Journey to Emmaus (G) GC 445/RS 816

Our God Is Here (G) BB-MI 305/SPS 226

*Priestly People (G,C)  OIF 669/PMB 383/WC 761/WS 637

Shelter Me, O God (Ps) BB-MI 463/GC 636/GC2 634/G3 717/GP 626/GP3 649/JS 724/JS3 689/RS 765

*Shepherd of Souls (G) BB-MI 365/ GC 840/GC2 818/G3 910/GP 501 /GP3 475/JS 825/JS3 808/OIF 554/ PMB 296/SS 993/WC 665/WS 541/WOR 728/WOR4 941

Shout for Joy, Loud and Long v 4 (G) WOR 540/WOR4 605

*Sing of One Who Walks beside Us (G) CBW 405

Song of the Body of Christ/Canción del Cuerpo de Cristo (G) BB-MI 332/GC 847/GC2 807/G3 924/RS 924/WC 668/WS 738

*That Easter Day with Joy Was Bright (G)   CBW 392/GC 445/G3 542/RS 599/SS 745/WOR 457/WOR4 514

*Two Were Bound for Emmaus (G) BB-MI 160/JS 430/JS3 417/SPS 187

Ven al Banquete/Come to the Feast, v 3 (G) BB-MI 307/JS 795/JS3 763

We Remember, We Believe (G) GC2 836

*We Who Once Were Dead (G) CBW 402

We Will Journey in Faith (G) JS 552

When We Eat This Bread (1,G) BB-MI 341/GP 510/JS 823


Choral Anthems

Title of Anthem, Voicing & Instrumentation Composer/arranger/editor Publisher & edition #

And They Drew Nigh (SATB)

Sowerby, Leo

H.W. Gray (2625)


Christ, Who Alone Art Light of Day (SAB)

Distler, Hugo/Palmer L.

Concordia (97-5066) *


Cognoverunt Discipuli (SATB)

Byrd, William

Novello ((TM 18)


Come, Rise Lord (SATB)

Sowerby, Leo

H.W. Gray (GCMR 3059)


Draw Us in the Spirit's Tether

Friedell, Harold

Belwin-Mills (GCMR2472)


Draw Us in the Spirits Tether Ossewaarde H.W. Gray C
I Have Set the Lord Always Before Me (SATB) Schalk MSM 50-9019 Ps

Make My Steps Steadfast (SATB)

Asola, Giovanni/Diemente, E.

Lawson Gould (51523)


O Holy Banquet Sr. Theophane Hytrek School Sisters of St. Francis, Milwaukee C

O Lord, You Are My Portion and Cup (SATB)

White, Jack Noble

H.W. Gray (GCMR 3446)


O Sacrum Convivium (SATB) 
O Sacrum Convivium
O Sacrum Convivium
O Sacrum Convivium
O Sacrum Convivium
O Sacrum Convivium
O Sacrum Convivium
Biery, James 
Weelkes, Remondi, Messian, Matthews
MorningStar (MSM 50-8311)
Southern Music

O Sacred Feast

Willan, Healey

Belwin-Mills (CMR 715)


Preserve Me, O God (SATB)

Manz, Paul

Morning Star


Preserve Me, O God (SATB)

Marcello, Benedetto/Hines R.S.

Concordia (98-2433)


Preserve Me, O God (SATB)

Ossewaarde, Jack H.

H.W. Gray (CMR-2777)


Worthy Is the Lamb (Messiah) (SATB)

Handel, G.F.



* out of print