THIRTY-THIRD SUNDAY A  Lectionary #157

Christians should make wise use of the gifts with which God has entrusted us.

Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Music Suggestions

Proverbs 31:10–13, 19–20, 30–31. The praises of a "worthy wife" include an awareness that such a woman runs the home, cares for the poor, buys and sells property (a point excluded from this excerpt), and is faithful to the covenant. In other words, such a woman is involved in all aspects of daily life and lives always in faith. "Give her a reward for her labors, and let her works praise her at the city gates."


Psalm of the Day: Ps (127) 128

This psalm is intended to teach that fidelity to God will yield rewards in daily living.


Blessed Are Those Who Fear the Lord (Guimont)     GC2 996

Blessed Are Those Who Fear the Lord (Schiavone) JS 1044

Blessed Are Those Who Fear the Lord (Waddell)     PMB 738

Blest Are Those Who Love You (Haugen)    CBW 628/RS 173/GC 125/GC2 70/G3 86

Dichoso El Que Teme (Contreraz)                              Cantos 78

Dichoso El Que Teme al Señor (Cortez)                     FYC3 232

Dichoso El Que Teme al Señor (García)                     FYC 267

Dichoso El Que Teme al Señor (Reza)                       FYC3 665

Dichoso El Que Teme al Señor (Taulé)                       FYC 266/FYC3 233

O Blessed Are Those (Inwood)                                  GP 273/CBW 208/JS 104

O Happy Are Those Who Fear the Lord (Gelineau) RS 172/WOR 961


Suggested Common Psalm: Ps (24) 25


To You, O Lord, I Lift My Soul


1 Thessalonians 5:1–6. Well, if the Lord's return is delayed (see second reading from last Sunday), then when will he come back for us? Paul says, essentially, "I don't know. But I know that whenever it is, it will come as a surprise." So live now as if the day of the Lord has already come: Anticipate life in the kingdom of God. Be "children of the light and children of the day."


Matthew 25:14–30. The parable of the talents: God expects a return on his investment. It is up to us to use what God has given us to advance the cause of the kingdom or to "build up the city of God."


Songs for the Liturgy


All That We Have (G)  GC 601/GC2 597/GP 618

All Who Love and Serve Your City (2,G) WOR 621

Awake, Awake, Fling Off the Night (2,G) CBW 304

Awake, O Sleeper (2) GC 803/OIF 689/RS 650, 729/WC 827/WOR 586/WOR4 915

Be Light for Our Eyes (2,G) CBW 305/GC 509/GC2 511

Bring Forth the Kingdom (Haugen) GC 658/GC2 640/G3 734/RS 772

Christ, Be Our Light BB-MI 594/GC2 512 /G3 590/GP3 683/JS3 824/OFUV 625/OIF 867/SPS 207/SS 808
City of God (1) BB-MI 383/ CBW 345/GC 678/GC2 663/G3 766/GP 548/GP3 538/ JS 830/JS3 813/OFUV 742/OIF 690/RS 799/WC 813/WS 665

Come, Lord Jesus – Ridge (2) BB 59

Gather Us In (2) BB-MI 302/CBW 587/GC 744/GC2 743/G3 848/GP 78/GP3 471/LMGM2 676/RS 850/SS 922/WC 909/WOR 665/WOR4 837/WS 733

*God, Whose Giving Knows No Ending (G) PMB 396/RS 794/WOR 631/WOR4 805

God, Whose Love in Jesus Found Us (G) CBW 501

*He Understands; He'll Say, "Well Done" (G) LMGM 144/LMGM2 785

*How Happy You Who Fear the Lord (Ps) OIF 592/PMB 336/WC 721

*I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light  BB-MI 596/GC 507/GC2 513/G3 593/JS3 632/LMGM2 420/RS 651/PMB 404/SS 807/WC 820/WOR 510/WOR4 585/WS 648

Jesus, Hope of the World (2,G) OIF 346/WC 742/WS 424

Jesus, Our Divine Companion (1,G) JS 769/PMB 507/WC 967

Just a Little While (G) LMGM 146

*Like Olive Branches (Ps) PMB 333

Live in the Light (2) GC2 629

Lord of All Hopefulness (1,G) BB-MI 400/RS 713/GC 578/GC2 560/G3 663/GP 622/GP3 623/JS 690/JS3 647/OFUV 654/OIF 726/PMB 415/ /SS 839/WC 836/WOR 568/WOR4 686/WS 676

May We Praise You (1,2,G) GC 529/GP 678/GP3 728

My Soul in Stillness Waits (2) GC 328/GC2 336/G3 415/RS 495/SS 646

Now the Day of the Lord Is at Hand (2,G) WOR 687

O Day of God (2) CBW 586

O the Beautiful Treasures (1,G) WOR 689

On the Wings of Change (2) PMB 512/WC 978/WS 787

Sent Forth by God’s Blessing (G) BB-MI 385/CBW 533/OFUV 745/OIF 817/PMB 474, 475/WC 925,926/WS 746,749

Soon and Very Soon (2) BB-MI 574/GC 770/GP 723/GP3 750/LMGM 4/LMGM2 691/JS 683/JS3 755/OFUV 672/OIF 882/RS 870/PMB 513/SS 970/WC 972/WS 786

Take, Lord, Receive (G) GP 576

The Day Is Near (2) GC 768

The Works of the Lord Are Created in Wisdom (1,G) GC 493/OIF 618/PMB 350/WC 735/WOR 504/WS 603

This Little Light of Mine (2,G) GC2 514/G3 591/LMGM 190/LMGM2 637/OIF 874/PMB 502/WC 972/WS 782

Those Who Love and Those Who Labor (G)   JS 758/RS 805/WOR 632

Thy Kingdom Come (2) GC 656/GP 719/RS 776

Wake the Song of Jubilee (2) PMB 514/WC 979

We Are Called (Haas) BB-MI 616/GC 718/GC2 710/G3 807/GP3 524/RS 820/SS 868/WC 817/WOR4 799

*We Praise You, BB-MI 549/CBW 633/GC 541/GC2 540/G3 608,617/GP 677/GP3 736/JS 626/RS 694

We Remember (G) BB-MI 494/GC 593/GC2 578 /G3 681/GP3 588/RS 724/

 SS 842/WC 691/WS 540/WOR4 738

*What You Have Done for Me (G) GC2 714/G3 816

When He Comes (2) PMB 196

When the Lord in Glory Comes (2) GC 765/RS 868


Choral Anthems

Title of Anthem, Voicing & Instrumentation Composer/arranger/editor Publisher & edition #  

A Woman of Valor (SATB)

Freed, Isadore

Transcontinental (TCL 132)

A Woman of Valor (SSA, opt Harp, Oboe, Cello) Milhaud, Darius Mercury (352.00159) 1

Behold, the Tabernacle of God (SATB)

Harris, William

RSCM (505)


Blessed are All They That Fear the Lord (SATB)

Sowerby, Leo

H. W. Gray (CMR 1573)

Blest Are All Who Fearfully Love the Lord (SATB)
Purcell, Henry
Come, O Blessed of My Father (SATB)
Concordia (98-3220)

Eyes of All, The

Thomerson, Kathleen


Eyes of All Wait Upon Thee, The (SATB)
Berger, Jean
Augsburg (11-1264)
Eyes of All Wait Upon Thee, The (SATB)
Harris, William
Oxford (42.983)


Happy Are You (Baritone, SATB)
Marshall, Jane
Augsburg (11-0686)
Hide Me Under the Shadow of Your Wing (SATB)
West, John
C. T. Wagner (C-067011)
How Blest Are They (Unison, Flute)
Proulx, Richard
Augsburg (11-0654)
I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light (SATB) Thomerson, Kathleen GIA (G-2786) 2
Lord of All Hopefulness SATB Willan CF Peters 1, G
Oculi Omnium Wood, C. CPDL P
Psalm 128 (SATB)
Wetzler, Robert
Augsburg (11-0646)
Psalm 128 (Soprano, SATB) Berger, Jean Broude Brothers (BB-3054) PS
Servi Bone (2-part) Lassus, Orlando de Mercury (352.00011) G