The initiative is God’s, but we should always be ready to respond to the divine invitation.

Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Music Suggestions

Wisdom 6:12–16. The divine gift of wisdom “makes her own rounds,” but we need to watch and be open to that gift when she arrives.


Psalm of the Day: Ps. (62) 63

A psalm of trust or, more accurately, of longing for God. The psalmist will remember and praise God in the Temple and at home.


God, My God, You I Crave (Black) CBW 658

Mi Alma Está Sedienta de Ti (Castillo) FYC 213/FYC3

Mi Alma Está Sedienta de Ti (Ponce Rangel) GP 214

Mi Alma Está Sedienta de Ti/My Soul Is Thirsting (Peña) FYC 214/FYC3 188

Mi Alma Está Sedienta de Ti, Señor (Rubi) FYC 212/FYC3 189

My Soul Is Thirsting   (Alstott)          BB-MI 816JS 51

My Soul Is Thirsting  (Angrisano)      BB-MI 768/GP3 156/JS3 52/OIF 188

My Soul is Thirsting  (Bridge)            BB-MI 761JS3 45

My Soul Is Thirsting  (Chiusano)        JS 52

My Soul Is Thirsting  (Guimont)        CBW 205/GC2 933/ SS 567

My Soul is Thirsting   ((Hunstiger)     SS 515

My Soul is Thirsting   (Hurd) JS3 693

My Soul Is Thirsting  (Janco) OIF 210/WC 202/WS 353

My Soul Is Thirsting  (Joncas)            GC 61/GC2 43/G3 55/RS 90

My Soul is Thirsting  (Modlin)           JS3 54

My Soul Is Thirsting  (Proulx/Gelineau) GC 60/GC2 44/G3 56/RS 89/WOR 42, 958

My Soul Is Thirsting  (Roberts)          LMGM 531

My Soul is Thirsting (Willcock)          OIF 186/SS 568

My Soul Is Thirsting for You/Mi Alma Tiene Sed (Rubalcava) WC 443/WS 35

My Soul Thirsts (Schutte)                   BB-MI 769/GP 213/OIF 189


1 Thessalonians 4:13–18. When he wrote this early letter, Paul was convinced that Jesus would return soon to claim his own, whether they had died or not. Paul was wrong about the timing but right about the fact that the initiative belongs to Christ.


Matthew 25:1–13. Once again the initiative belongs to God; our job is to be prepared when God acts.


Songs for the Liturgy


Awake, Awake, Fling Off the Night (2,G) CBW 304

Awake, O Sleeper (2) GC 803/OIF 689/RS 650, 729/WC 827/WOR 586/WOR4 915

Christ Is Coming: Prepare the Way (G) LMGM 10/LMGM2 241

Come, Lord, and Tarry Not (G) LMGM 11/WOR 365/WOR4 401

Come, Lord Jesus – Ridge (G) BB 59

Eye Has Not Seen (1) BB-MI 460/GC 638/GC2 616/G3 728/GP3 645/RS 758/SS 860/WC 881/WS 711

For All the Saints (2) BB-MI 718/CBW 449/GC 793/GC2 791/G3 884/GP 445/GP3 388/JS 526/JS3 504/LMGM 105/LMGM3 728/OFUV 550/OIF 899/PMB 521/RS 889/SPS 292/SS 969/WC 989/WS 797/WOR 705/WOR4 891

Free at Last (2) GC 717

Freedom Is Coming  GC2 707/G3 814/LMGM2 657/RS 821

God Is My Great Desire (1,Ps,G) WOR 581

God, Who Made the Earth and Heaven (2) WC 634/WS 523

How Brightly Beams the Morning Star (G) OIF 407/WC 547/WOR 389

How Great Thou Art, v 4(2) BB-MI 423 /CBW 554/GC 494/GC2 496/G3 578/GP 665/GP3 694/JS 628 /JS3 614/LMGM 181/LMGM2 405/OFUV 595 /OIF 842/PMB 496/RS 663/SS 802/WC 941/WS 757/WOR4 578

*I Am the Bread of Life  Englert (Ps) JS 736/OIF 546/PMB 321/WC 696

I Am the Bread of Life  Toolan, v 3 (2) BB-MI 364/GC 828/GC2 822/G3 945/GP3 493/LMGM 133/LMGM2 755/RS 931/SS 988/WC 659/ WOR 738/WOR4 950/WS 543

*I Long for You (Ps) GC 63/GP 215

I Will Lift Up My Eyes (G) GC 500/GP 709 /JS 646

*In the Breaking of the Bread/Cuando Partimos el Pan del Señor (1) BB-MI 325/FYC3 /GC 841/GC2 843/G3 /GP 508/GP3 489/JS  533/JS3 779/OFUV 806/OIF 548/PMB 303/RS 932//WC 663/WS 545/WOR4 944 

In the Lord I’ll Be Ever Thankful (Berthier) GC 566/GC2 546/G3 639/RS 703/WC 832

Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (1) BB-MI 409/LMGM 269/JS 669/OFUV 683/PMB 357/WC 754

Jesus, Hope of the World (2,G) OIF 346/WC 742/WS 424

*Lift Up Your Heads (Ps) BB 70/GC2 341/JS 330/JS3 286/OIF 885/PMB 515/WC 977/WOR 363

Lord, to Whom Shall We Go (Ps) GP 663/GP3 689

Love Divine, All Loves Excelling (G) BB-MI 472/ CBW 625/CH 454/ GC 622/GC2 613/G3 641/GP 158/GP3 662/JS 391/JS3 709/OFUV 696/OIF 743/RS 743/SS 854/WC 857/ WOR 588/WOR4 642/WS 695

My Lord, What a Morning (2) LMGM 9/LMGM2 693

My Lord Will Come Again (2,G) GC 769

My Soul in Stillness Waits  GC 328/GC2 336/G3 415/RS 495/SS 646

O Day of God (G) CBW 586

O Jesus, Joy of Loving Hearts  CBW 654/RS 759/WOR 605/WOR4 705

On That Day (2) GC2 756/G3 862/

On the Wings of Change (2) PMB 512/WC 978/WS 787

*Priestly People  vs 1 (1) OIF 669/PMB 383/WC 761/WS 637

*Ps 23: The Lord Is My Shepherd (C)

Rejoice, the Lord Is King (G) BB-MI 719/ RS 627/GC 487/GC2 493/G3 568/ JS 478/JS3 459/LMGM 93/LMGM2 349/OFUV 508/OIF 635/PMB 355/SS 797/WC 762/ WOR 493/WOR4 564/WS 613

*Shepherd of My Heart © GC 641/GC2 624/G3 723/SS 864

*Sign Me Up (G) GC 805/LMGM 111/LMGM2 696

*Sing a New Song -- Schutte (E) BB-MI 543/CBW 563/GC 537/GC2 544/G3 607/GP 670/GP3 739/JS 607/JS3 598/OFUV 564/OIF 843/RS 686/WS 759/WOR4 600

Sing with All the Saints in Glory (2) BB-MI 609/CBW 406/GC 442/GC2 442/G3/GP 724/GP3 774/774/JS 789/JS3 759 /OIF 881/PMB 510/RS 595/SS 972 /WC 975/WOR 467/WOR4 526

Soon and Very Soon (2) BB-MI 574/GC 770/GP 723/GP3 750/LMGM 4/LMGM2 691/JS 683/JS3 755/OFUV 672/OIF 882/RS 870/PMB 513/SS 970/WC 972/WS 786

There Is a Longing (1,Ps) BB-MI 399/GP 620/GP3 634/JS 692/JS3 649

This Is the Feast of Victory CBW 396/GC 429/GC2 458/G3 520/JS 428/JS3 424/OFUV 667/OIF 834/PMB  489/RS 583/SS 749 /WC 935/WS 763/WOR4 515

Through the Mystery of Death (2) GP 451

Wait for the Lord  CBW 319/GC 332/GC2 340/G3 406/RS 484/SS 642

*Wake, Awake (G) GC 335/JS 332/RS 489/PMB 185/WOR 371

Wake the Song of Jubilee (G) PMB 514/WC 979

We Live Not For Ourselves (2) JS 773

We Shall Rise Again (2) GC 772/GC2 762/GP3 871/RS 872

What Wondrous Love Is This (2) BB-MI 479/ GC 406b,627/GC2 614/G3 642

GP 642/GP3 668/JS 755/JS3 719/LMGM2 500/ OFUV 693/OIF 738

PMB 253/RS 749 /SS 853/WC 757 /WS 470 /WOR 600 /WOR4 641

When He Comes (2,G) PMB 196

When the Lord in Glory Comes (1,G) GC 765/RS 868

Wisdom’s Feast (1) OIF 528/WC 655/WS 537/

Wisdom, My Road (1)  GC2 500/G3 583/OIF 768/WC 872

Yes, I Shall Arise (Alstott) GP 491/GP3 444/JS 590/JS3 562/OIF 584/OFUV 308/WOR4 964

You Are the Way (1) CBW 441/OIF 639/ PMB 365/WC 748/WOR4 682WS 61 2

 *Your Love Is Finer Than Life (2) CBW 13D/GC 62/GC2 42/LMGM 530/WC 442


Choral Anthems

Title of Anthem, Voicing & Instrumentation Composer/arranger/editor Publisher & edition #  

Audivi, media nocte (SATB)


J & W Chester (Chester Motets #2)


Blest are They Whose Spirits Long (2-part mixed)

Handel, G. F./Hopson, Hal H.

Choristers Guild (CGA-183)

Early, O Lord, My Fainting Soul (SATB, continuo)
Purcell, Henry/Lewis & Fortune
Novello (PSR 8)
Early Will I Seek Thee (SATB)
Weelkes, Thomas/Richardson, John A.
Sacred Songs (CS 316)
Eyes of All Wait Upon Thee, The (SATB)
Berger, Jean
Augsburg (11-1264)
He That Shall Endure from Elijah (SATB)
Mendelssohn, Felix
G. Schirmer (10713)

If We Believe that Jesus Died (SATB)

Goss, John

Oxford (Church Anthem Book)

If We Believe that Jesus Died (SATB)
Goss, John
Novello (29.0233.08)
If We Believe that Jesus Died (SATB)
Goss, John
Broude Brothers
If We Believe that Jesus Died (SATB)
Goss, John
Sacred Music Press (A-261)
Keep Your Lamps (SATB)
Spiritual, arr. by Andre Thomas
Hinshaw (HMC-577)
Morning Trumpet, The Wetzler AMSI 2, G
My Eyes for Beauty Pine (SATB)
Howells, Herbert
Oxford (46)
O God, Thou Art My God (SATB)
Lekberg, Sven
Kjos (5192)
O God, Thou Art My God (SATB, Wind or Brass Quintet)
Nelson, Ronald A.
Augsburg (11-0560)
O God, Thou Art My God (SATB, continuo) Purcell, Henry/Lewis & Fortune Novello (46.0005.03) PS
Promise Land SAB White Selah 2
Rejoice, Rejoice Believers (SATB)
Gumpeltzhaimer, Adam/Thomas, Paul
Concordia (98-1469)
Sleepers, Awake! (SATB)
Bach, J. S.
G. Schirmer (7427)
Sleepers, wake! (SATB)
Mendelssohn, Felix
Oxford (Anthems, #1, p. 193)
Sion Hort die Wachter singen (TB)
Buxtehude, Dietrich/Clough-Leighter
E. C. Schirmer (538)
Steal Away to Jesus SSAATTBB Adelmann Paraclete 2, G
Wake, Awake for Night is Flying (SATB)
Nicolai, Philip/Zipp, Friedrich
Concordia (97-5389)
Wake, Awake for Night is Flying (Unison, Brass)
Nicolai, Philip/Lenel, Ludwig
Concordia (98-1453)
Wake, Awake for Night is Flying (SAB, Tpt.) Nicolai, Philip/Rohlig, Harald Concordia (97-4670) G
When the Roll is Called Up Yonder (SATB) Black, James M./Owens, Sam Batt Augsburg (11-1903) 2