To what extent does faith depend on personal experience? Are we like those described in the second reading, who “without seeing believe in him,” or do we require some sort of physical testimony, as Thomas does in the Gospel?

Though this Sunday bears the additional title “Divine Mercy,” the devotion to the Divine Mercy should not be incorporated into Mass, nor should the readings and other texts for the Octave/Second Sunday of Easter be replaced, nor should the image of the Divine Mercy be displayed in the sanctuary during Mass. Because the devotion is not required of the faithful, no one should be forced to take part in it who may not want to. The service might take place, however, at a time apart from the regular Mass schedule.

Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Music Suggestions

Acts 2:42-47. An idealized vision of what life was like in the early communities. The text highlights the four aspects of Christian life: formation, communal life, the “breaking of the bread” (Eucharist and other community meals), and prayer.


Psalm of the Day: Ps (117) 118
The great psalm of our Easter celebration, Psalm 118 is also one of the common psalms that may be used throughout the Easter Season, as noted below.


Dad Gracias al Señor (Taulé) FYC 259/FYC3 223
Give Thanks to the Lord (Boschetti/Fowler) CBW 91

Give Thanks to the Lord (Guimont) GC2 988

Give Thanks to the Lord (Schiavone) JS 923

Give Thanks to the Lord (Schutte) BB-MI 582

Give Thanks to the Lord (Smith)  BB-MI 802/GP 264

Give Thanks to the Lord (Waddell/Gelineau) RS 159/WOR 838

Give Thanks to the Lord, Alleluia  SS 263

Give Thanks to the Lord, Alleluia  SS 264


Suggested Common Psalm: Ps (117) 118

See suggestions for Easter Sunday.


1 Peter 1:3-9. The reading begins by quoting a hymn that might be called “A New Birth.” The rest of the text praises those who hold onto a faith that does not require proof.


John 20:19-31. In John's version of the Easter narrative, Jesus’ resurrection and ascension happen on that first Easter, as does the gift of the Holy Spirit sent on the apostles. Thomas requires proof, but he is not blessed. Jesus blesses those “who have not seen and have believed.”





Songs for the Liturgy
See also suggestions for Easter Sunday, many of which are appropriate on this Octave Day of Easter and on any Sunday of the Easter Season.


*A Living Hope (2) CBW 613/PMB 284

Awake, O Sleeper, Rise from Death (G) RS 729/WOR 586/GC 803/WC 827/WS 668

Baptized in Living Waters (1)   OIF 662/PMB 386/WC 787/WS 640

Baptized in Water (2,G) BB-MI 646/CBW 614/GC2 797/G3 903/GP3 391 /JS 542/JS3 516 /LMGM/LMGM2 /OIF 516/PMB 286RS 903/SS 980/WC 635 /WS 530/WOR 720/WOR4 919

Christ Has Arisen, Alleluia    LMGM2 314

Christ Has Risen (G) GC 451/GC2 465/G3 530/LMGM 65/WOR4 505

Christ is Risen  SPS 181

Christ, Our King before Creation (G) CBW 499

*Church of God, v. 4 (1,G) BB-MI 414/CBW 581/GP 45,571/JS3 508/OIF 663

PMB 381/RS 783/SS 881/WOR4 733

Crown Him with Many Crowns (G) BB-MI 728/CBW 437/FYC3 /GC 485/GC2 489/G3 574/GP 420/GP3 362/JS 480/JS3 461/LMGM 68/LMGM2 344/OFUV 511/OIF 626/PMB 359/RS 626/SS 796/WC 749/WS 619/WOR 496/WOR4 571

Day of Peace SPS 287

Do Not Be Afraid (G)  GP 630/JS 731

*Draw Us in the Spirit's Tether (1) JS 797/RS 917/WOR 731/WOR4 937

Eye Has Not Seen (G) BB-MI 460 /CBW 482/GC 638/GC2 616 /G3 728/GP3 645 /RS 758/SS 860/WC 881/WS 711/WOR4 713

Glory and Praise to Our God, v 4 (1,G) BB-MI 545/GC 522/GC2 537/G3 606

GP 671/GP3 723/JS 596/JS3 574/OFUV 576/OIF 836 /RS 596/WC 936

WS 758/WOR4 597

He Comes to Us as One Unknown (G) WOR 573/WOR4 675

Healer of Our Every Ill (2,G)  CBW 363/ GC 882/GC2 854/G3 960/RS 958/

WC 713/WS 593/WOR4 965

How Great the Sign of God's Love (2) CBW 615

I Come with Joy to Meet My Lord (1) CBW 424/FYC3 /GC 806/G3 919 /OIF 724/PMB 320/RS 854/SS 979/WC 913/WS 576/WOR 726 /WOR4 926

If You Believe and I Believe (G) GC 722/GC2 708/G3 818/JS 839/LMGM2 653/RS 825/WOR4 803

In the Breaking of the Bread/Cuando Partimos el Pan del Señor (1) BB-MI 325/FYC3 /GC 841/GC2 843/G3 /GP 508/GP3 489/JS  533/JS3 779/OFUV 806/OIF 548/PMB 303/RS 932//WC 663/WS 545/WOR4 944 

Is Your All on the Altar (G) LMGM 277/LMGM2 660

Jesus Christ, by Faith Revealed (G) OIF 624/PMB 369/WC 749/WS 618

Joyful, Joyful, We Adore You (G) BB-MI 542/CBW 511/GC 528/GC2 520/G3 614/GP 693/GP3 726/JS 617/JS3 575/LMGM2 435/OFUV 561/OIF 844/PMB 497/RS 669/SPS /SS 821/WC 945/WS 761/WOR 525/WOR4 611

May We Be One (1,2) RS 477/GC 316/GC2 322/G3 394

*O Love of God Incarnate, v 3 (G) JS 410

*O Sons and Daughters, vss 1‑4 (G) BB-MI 169/CBW 404/FYC3 366/GC 423/GC2 446/G3 532/GP 379/GP3 312/JS 420/JS3 405/LMGM2 312/OFUV 476 /OIF 468/RS 579 /SPS 185/SS 743/WC 608/WS 495/WOR 447/WOR4 507

*Our God Reigns, v 5 (G) OIF 851/WC 942/WS 767

*Peace (G) BB-MI 524/GP 649/OIF 799/PMB 462/WS 726

Peace for Our Times (G) OIF 798/PMB 455/WC 902/WS724

Peace with the Father (G) WOR 660/WOR4 820

*Praise the Lord, My Soul BB-MI 812/GC 554/OFUV 264/RS 688/SS 542

Praise the Spirit in Creation (G) RS 609/WOR 477/WOR4 542

*Praised Be the Father (2) GP 197

Prayer of Peace (G) GC 729/GC2 720/G3 821/SS 913

Pues Si Vivimos/If We Are Living   FYC3 672/GC 666/GC2 650/G3 756/OIF 730/RS 727/WC 835/WOR4 754

Sent Forth by God's Blessing (G) BB-MI 385/CBW 533/GP 588/GP3 532/JS 768/JS3  740/OFUV 745 /OIF 817/PMB 474/WC 926/WS 746/WOR 886

Shalom, My Friends (G) oif 795/PMB 456/WS 728

Sing of the Lord's Goodness BB-MI 560/CBW /FYC3 /GC 547/GC2 532/G3 610/GP 690/GP3 740/JS 605/JS3 582/OFUV 566/OIF  

*Sing to the Mountains (Ps) BB-MI 530/GP 673/GC 435/GC2 452/G3 519/GP3 722/JS 601/JS3 580/JS3 580/OFUV 570/RS 590

*Take and Eat v. 4 BB-MI 361/CBW 611/GC 831/GC2 812/G3 950/RS 910/

SS 1010/WC 686/WOR4 940/WS 563

*That Easter Day with Joy Was Bright (G)   CBW 392/GC 445/G3 542/RS 599/SS 745/WOR 457/WOR4 514

The Spirit of God (G) OIF 714/PMB 399/WC 832/WS 662

Thine Be the Glory, v 3 (G) OIF 463/WC 596/WS 498

This Is the Day (Ref based on today's psalm refrain, but verses are not from Ps 118) CBW 592/GC 449/G3 82/GP 397 /GP3 191,192,326,335/JS3 98,99,421 /OFUV /OIF / PMB 269/SPS 91/SS 442,535,582,583/WC 469,611/WS  380,381

This Is the Day When Light Was First Created GC 746/RS 842/WOR 663

This Is the Feast of Victory CBW 396/GC 429/GC2 458/G3 520/JS 428/JS3 424/OFUV 667/OIF 834/PMB  489/RS 583/SS 749 /WC 935/WS 763/WOR4 515

Through the Mystery of Death (2) GP 451

Waters of Life (2) WC 385/WS 142,299

We Have Been Baptized in Christ (2) GP 460

We Remember BB-MI 494/GC 593/GC2 578 /G3 681/GP3 588/RS 724/

 SS 842/WC 691/WS 540/WOR4 738

*We Walk by Faith (2,G) BB-MI 493/CBW 495/FYC3 /GC 590/GC2 583/G3 /GP3 594/JS 700/JS3 669 /LMGM 550/OIF 693/PMB 416/RS 723/WC 847/WS 678/WOR4 674

We've Come This Far by Faith (G) LMGM 225/LMGM2 548

*Without Seeing You (2,G) GC 844/GC2 842/G3 922

World Peace Prayer (G) GC 732/GC2 718/G3 827


Choral Anthems

Acts 2: 46-47 (SATB)

Landgrave, Phillip

Broadman (4563-17)


Awake, Arise, Go Forth and Rejoice (Unison)

Leaf, Robert

Augsburg (11-1580)


Be Glad and Rejoice (SATB)

Goemanne, Noel

Flammer (A-5645)


Blest are the Eyes that have not Seen You (solo, SATB) Gramann E.C. Schirmer 7329 G

Blessed Are They (SATB)

Pasquet, Jean

B.F.Wood (765)


Blessed Be the God (SATB)

Davison, John

Elkan Vogel (1240)


Blessed Be The God and Father (SATB)

Wesley, Samuel

H.W. Gray (GCMR 3166)


Blessed Be The God and Father (TTBB)

Wesley, Samuel

B.F. Wood (342)


Dies ist der Tag, den der Herr macht (SSB or SS)

Telemann, G.P.

Hanssler (HE 39.010)


Gelobet sei Gott (SSB or SS)

Telemann, G.P.

Hanssler (HE 30.020)


Haec Dies (SATB)

Arcadelt, Jacob

J.W. Chester (55127)


Haec Dies (SSATTB)

Byrd, William



Haec Dies (SATB/SATB or SATB/Brass)

Handl, Jacob/Simkin, C.F.

C.F. Peters (1523)


Haec Dies (SATB)

Palestrina, G. P.

H.W. Gray (CMR 2688)


Joyful Eastertide, The (SATB)


Novello (29-0151)


Let us Be Happy (SAB)

Leaf, Robert

Augsburg (11-0661) *


Living Hope, A (SATB)

Guimont, Michel

GIA (G-3688)


Now (SATB)

Schalk, Carl

Hope (AG 7278)


Peace Be with You, Op. 32, #22 (2-part)

Bender, Jan

Concordia (98-2086) *


Peace Be with You (SATB)

Wetzler, Robert

AMSI (178)


Peace Be Unto You (SATB)

Nystedt, Knut

Augsburg (1455)


Quia Vidisti Me, Thoma (SATB)

Hassler, Hans Leo/Martens M.

Concordia (98-1741)


Receive the Holy Spirit (SATB)

Hillert, Richard

Concordia (98-1675)


Stetit Iesus (SATB)

Handl, Jacob

GIA (G-2460)


There Came Jesus (SATB)

Handl, J.



This is the Day (SATB)

Christiansen, Paul

AMSI (300)


This is the Day (Unison Treble)

Copley, R. Evan

Abingdon (APM-341)


This is the Day (SATB)

Copley, R. Evan

Abingdon (APM-388)


This is the Day (3-part round)

Parker, Alice

Hinshaw (HMC 106)


This is the Day (Easter Cantata) (SATB)

Pinkham, Daniel

C.F. Peters (6393)


This is the Day (SATB)

Titcomb, Everett

Abingdon (APM-208)


This is the Day the Lord Hath Made (SAB)

Near, Gerald

Augsburg (11-1620) *


This is the Day Which the Lord Hath Made (SATB)

Ford, Virgil T.

G. Schirmer (11272)


This is the Day Which the Lord Hath Made (SAB)

Ford, Virgil T.

G. Schirmer (11503)


This is the Day (SATB/SATB or SATB & Brass)

Gallus, Jacobus

Concordia (98-1702)


We Hae Seen the Lord (SATB)

Wetzler, Robert

Augsburg (11-1705) *


* out of print