TWENTY-NINTH SUNDAY A  Lectionary #145

God uses unexpected resources to accomplish the divine plan, even political leaders who do not acknowledge this higher authority. How do we interpret the "signs of the times"?

Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Music Suggestions

Isaiah 45:1, 4–6. Cyrus, of course, was the king of Persia who conquered Babylon and allowed the Jewish exiles to return from captivity. The prophet sees in this action the work of God.


Psalm of the Day: Ps (95) 96

A typical enthronement hymn, acknowledging the God of Israel as the supreme authority, with a "missionary" tone: The psalmist encourages the people to "tell God's glory among the nations" and to "say among the nations: The Lord is king."


Give the Lord Glory (Guimont)                     GC2 963

Give the Lord Glory (Haas/Haugen)              RS 132/GC 932/GC2 542

Give the Lord Glory (Hommerding)              PMB 726

Give the Lord Glory (Proulx/Gelineau)          RS 131/WOR 949

Give the Lord Glory (Proulx/Hall)                 CBW 196

Give the Lord Glory (Schiavone)                   JS 103


Suggested Common Psalm: Ps (97) 98


All the Ends of the Earth

Los Confines de la Tierra


1 Thessalonians 1:1–5b. The letters to the Thessalonians may be the oldest Christian writings that we have. In the beginning of this first letter, Paul joins with his missionary partners to greet the church in Thessalonika, pointing out that the preaching of the missionaries proved effective among them.


Matthew 22:15–21. This "render to Caesar" passage is often misinterpreted. It is not a matter of dividing the world between Caesar and God. The point is that while Caesar might make a rightful claim to some aspects of living (e.g., taxes to support the government), God's claim is universal. In other words, even Caesar belongs to God!


Songs for the Liturgy


A New Song (Ps) GC 530

All That We Have (G)  GC 601/GC2 597/GP 618

Alleluia No. 1   BB-MI 566/CBW 383/GC 443/GC2 462/G3 524/GP 389/GP3 313/JS 439/JS3 413/OFUV 668/OIF 620/PMB 353/RS 581/WC 760/WS 623/WOR 441

Before the Sun Burned Bright (1) CBW 504/GP 577/GP3 565

By Name I Have Called You (1) GP 582

Center of My Life (G) BB-MI 488/GC 598/GC2 580/GP 593/GP3 591/JS 697/JS3 665/OFUV 678

Christ Is the King (1,G) /GC 481/GC2 491/G3 571/JS 848/JS3 833/ RS 630/SS 799/WOR 500/WOR4 568

Father, We Thank Thee (2) /GC 568/GC2 547/G3 632/OIF 539/PMB 316/ RS 705/SS 835/WC 656/ WOR 558/WS 539

Give Me a Clean Heart (G) LMGM 279/LMGM2 625

Give Me Jesus BB-MI 673/GP 484/GP3 435/LMGM 280 /LMGM2 350/WC 752

God Has Chosen Me  BB-MI 377/GC 682/GC2 669/G3 761/GP 546/GP3 542/JS 831/JS3 815/OFUV 736

God Is Here! As We His People (2) GC 741/GC2 737/JS 796/OIF 809/PMB 796/RS 844/WC 866/WOR 667/WOR4 835

God of All Creation (G) GC 497

God, Omnipotent, Eternal (1,G) WOR 563

Hail, Redeemer, King Divine (G) BB-MI 720/JS 481/JS3 463/OIF 625/PMB 358/WC 758/WS 617

How Great Thou Art, v 4(2) BB-MI 423 /CBW 554/GC 494/GC2 496/G3 578/GP 665/GP3 694/JS 628 /JS3 614/LMGM 181/LMGM2 405/OFUV 595 /OIF 842/PMB 496/RS 663/SS 802/WC 941/WS 757/WOR4 578

I Surrender All (G) LMGM 235/LMGM2 616

I Will Lift Up My Eyes (1,G) GC 500/GP 709/JS 646

I Will Not Die (1,2)  GC 657/GP 716/GP3 758/JS 658/RS 771

I'll Be Somewhere Listening for My Name (1) LMGM 113/LMGM2 620

Jesus Shall Reign (2) JS 479/JS3 460/OIF 633/PMB 362/RS 631/SS 793/WC 745/WS 625/WOR 702/WOR4 569

Let All the World in Every Corner Sing (Ps) WOR 536

O Worship the King (G)  OIF 617/PMB 349/WC 739

*Our God Reigns, v 5 (G) OIF 851/WC 942/WS 767

*Priestly People (G,C)  (1,G) OIF 669/PMB 383/WC 761/WS 637

Reap Me the Earth (1,Ps,G) WOR 544

Rejoice, the Lord Is King (1,Ps) BB-MI 719/ GC 487/GC2 493/LMGM 93/LMGM2 349/JS 478/JS3 459/OFUV 508/OIF 635/RS 627/PMB 355/SS 797/WC 762/WS 613/WOR 493/WOR4 564

Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God (G) BB-MI 434/ CBW 704/ GC 615/GC2 600

G3 /GP 608/GP3 613/JS720 /JS3 685/ OFUV 648/OIF 754/PMB 433

RS 728/SPS/WC 862/WS 697/WOR 580/WOR4 663

Shelter Me, O God (E) BB-MI 463/CBW 372/GC 636/GC2 634/G3 717/GP 626/GP3 649/JS 724/JS3 689/RS 765

Sing a New Song--Brown (E) BB-MI 556/GP 692/GP3 742/JS3 592/OFUV 585

Sing a New Song -- Schutte (E) BB-MI 543/CBW 563/GC 537/GC2 544/G3 607/GP 670/GP3 739/JS 607/JS3 598/OFUV 564/OIF 843/RS 686/WS 759/WOR4 600

*Sing a New Song to the Lord -- Dudley-Smith/Wilson (Ps) CBW 566/GC 521/GC2 541/G3 627/OIF 858/PMB 493/RS 677/WC 958/SS 818/WOR 550/WOR4 629

Sing of the Lord's Goodness (Ps) BB-MI 560/GC 547/GC2 532/G3 610/GP 690/GP3 740/JS 605/JS3 582/OFUV 566

Sing Our God Together (Ps) GC 523/RS 690

Sing Praise to God Who Reigns Above (1,Ps,G) GC 539/G3 600/JS 610/JS3 590/OIF 859/PMB 498/RS 683/SS 823/WC 955/ WOR 528/WOR4 617

The God of Abraham Praise (2) GC 544/JS 602/RS 685/WOR 537/WOR4 601


The King of Kings, Christ Jesus Reigns (Ps,G) BB-MI 723/JS 486/JS3 469

The Kingdom of God (G) GC 655/GC2 637, 639/G3 736/OIF 883/PMB 511/RS 775/WOR 615/WOR4 720/WC 976

*The Lord Is Come (Ps) GP 326/

To Jesus Christ, Our Sovereign King (G) BB-MI /CBW 438 /GC 488/GC2 492/G3 573/GP 422/GP3 360/JS 485/JS3 468/LMGM 92/LMGM2 /OFUV 517 /OIF 642/PMB 370 /RS 629/SS 798/WC 743/WS 622/WOR 497/WOR4 570

Turn to Me (1) BB-MI 659/GP 342/GP3 280/JS 377 /JS3 345/OFUV 314/ SS 451

We Shall Not Be Silent (Ps,G) GP 559

Where He Leads Me (1) LMGM 120/LMGM2  621

Who Calls You by Name (1) CBW 618/GC2 794/G3 900/RS 231/WC 645

Wonderful and Great (G)  OIF 860/PMB 499/WC 956


Choral Anthems

Title of Anthem, Voicing & Instrumentation Composer/arranger/editor Publisher & edition #  

Ascribe Unto the Lord (SATB)

Harris, William

Novello (1270)

Cantate Domino (SATB)
Berger, Jean
Concordia (98-1557)
Cantate Domino (SSATTB)
Gabrieli, Giovanni/Schnee, Karl-Heinz Hassler, Hans Leo
Walton (6048)
Cantate Domino (SATB)
Hassler, Hans Leo
GIA (G-2878)
Cantate Domino (SATB)
Hassler, Hans Leo
Hansler (H. E. 1.125)
Cantate Domino (SATB)
Hassler, Hans Leo
E. C. Schirmer (2979)
Cantate Domino (SATB)
Hassler, Hans Leo
J. & W. Chester (JWC 55107)
Cantate Domino (SSA)
Hassler, Hans Leo
E. C. Schirmer (821)
Cantate Domino (TTBB)
Pitoni, Giuseppe
E. C. Schirmer (68)
Cantate Domino (SATB)
Pitoni, Giuseppe/Lee & Mitchell
Arista (AE 232)
Cantate Domino (SATB)
Sweelinck, J. P./Colton, Donald
GIA (G-1949)
Cantate Domino (SSATB)
Sweelinck, J. P./Hines
Concordia (98-1937)
Cantate Domino (SATB)
Sweelinck, J. P./Ehret, Walter
Concordia (98-3211)
Cantate Domino (SSATB)
Sweelinck, J. P./Klein, Maynard
Walton (6029)
Cantate Domino (SSATB)
Vecchi, Orazio/Wilhelm, Roger
G. Schirmer (12102)
Cantate Domino (SATB)
Viadana, Lodovico/Cramer, John
Lawson Gould (51633)
Cantate Domino (SATB)
Croce, Giovanni
Marks (4291)
Cantate Domino omnis terra (SATB)
Goemanne, Noel
Arista (AE 199)
Cantate! Sing to the Lord (SATB)
Handel, G. F.
Mark Foster (MF 147)
Declare His Honor (SAB)
Hassler, Hans Leo
Concordia (98-1957)

Jesus and the Pharisee (SATB)

Franck, Melchior/Frischmann, Chas.

Concordia (98-2093)

Laetentur Caeli (SATB)
Pinkham, Daniel
J & W. Chester (JWC 55017)
Laetentur Caeli (SATB, strings)
arr. Ferguson, John
C. F. Peters (66709)
New Songs of Celebration Render (SATB)
Hassler, Hans Leo
Hope (DFW 215)
O Praise the Lord SAB Gumpeltzhaimer GIA  
O Sing to God Lord (SATB)
Bedford, Michael
Concordia (98-3147)
O Sing Unto the Lord (Unison)
Handel, G. F.
Choristers Guild (CGA-295)
O Sing Unto the Lord (SAB)
Mathias, William
Choristers Guild (CGA-513)
O Sing Unto the Lord, Op. 29 (SATB)
Bender, Jan
Oxford (A-228)
O Sing Unto the Lord a New Song (SATB)
Morley, Thomas/Greening, Anthony
Concordia (98-1876)
O Sing Unto the Lord a New Song (SAB)
Purcell, Henry
RSCM (6 Easy 3-part Anthems)
O Sing Unto the Lord a New Song (SATB)
Kreutz, Robert
Novello (29.0146.03)
Our Soul Waits for the Lord Schalk Concordia 983252WEB PS
Psalm 96 SATB Bedford EC Schirmer PS
Sing a New Song (SATB)
Schutz, Heinrich
Summy Birchard (5256)
Sing A New Song (SATB)
Watson, Walter
Belwin Mills (SCHCH 07601)
Sing A New Song (Unison Children, Keyboard, Oboe)
Scott, K. Lee
Lusqif (C-1163)
Sing to the Lord (choral introit w/bells) Hopson MSM PS
Sing to the Lord a New Song (SATB & Children)
Pergolisi, Giovanni
Concordia (98-3124)
Sing to the Lord God (Unison)
Pachelbel, Johann Morning Star (MSM-50-9451)
Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied (SATB/SATB)   Hansler (H. E. 1.008) PS