TWENTY-FIFTH SUNDAY A  Lectionary #133

Which matters more to God—generosity or justice? And is there any difference between the two for God?

Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Music Suggestions

Isaiah 55:6–9. God is generous in forgiving, far more generous than we might imagine.

Psalm of the Day:  Ps (144) 145
The selected verses focus on God's greatness as expressed in mercy and kindness.

God Is Near (Haas)   PCY9 72
Lord, You Are Close   PSL A-167/SS
The Lord Is Close (Atkinson)  CBW 184
The Lord Is Near (Alstott)   BB
The Lord Is Near (Batastini/Gelineau)  RS 191
The Lord Is Near (Guimont)   GC2 1009/LPMG 133
The Lord Is Near (Hunstiger)   SS
The Lord Is Near (Janco)   PRM A86/WS
The Lord is Near (Schiavone)   JS 1020/LP 165
The Lord Is Near (Schiavone/Gelineau)  WOR 937/LPGG 942

Suggested Common Psalm:  Ps (144) 145

I Will Praise Your Name For Ever, My King and My God
Alabaré/Bendeciré Tu Nombre

Philippians 1:20c–24, 27a. Life in Christ is everything, Paul says. Therefore we should live in a way that reflects our belief that “for me to live is Christ, and death is gain.”

Matthew 20:1–16a. Certainly seems unfair, doesn't it? But if the wage for the first workers is just, and the wage for later workers is generous beyond justice, what does that matter to us, since all of us are the workers who are “hired” at the end of the day, when God's generosity is most evident?

Songs for the Liturgy

A Living Hope (2)  CBW 613/PMB 284
All Are Welcome (G)  RS 846/GC 753/GC2 741/WC 870/WS/MI-BB/SS
Bless the Lord (1) GC2 576/MI-BB/SS
Blessed Assurance, Jesus Is Mine (2)  LMGM 199/JS 609/PMB 441/WC 836/WS
Bring Forth the Kingdom (G)  GC 658/GC2 640/RS 772/SS
Canticle of the Turning (1,G)  RS 678/GC 556/GC2 527
Christ Has Promised to Be Present, v 2 (1)   GC2 732
Come, My Way, My Truth, My Life (2)  WOR 569/MI‑BB/RS 717/GC 577/WC 818/JS 693
Come, Taste and See, v 2 (C)   GP 526/JS 818
Dwelling Place (2)  GP 591/GC 594/GC2 582
For the Fruits of This Creation (G)  RS 704/WOR 562/CBW 532/WC 952/JS 629/PMB 519/MI‑BB 413/WS 679/SS 621/HG 156/SS
Glory and Praise to Our God, v 3 (1,G)  GP 671/MI‑BB/RS 696/GC 522/GC2 537/WC 898/JS 596/WS
God So Loved the World (2)   PMB 418/WC 803/WS
God, Whose Giving Knows No Ending (G)   WOR 631/RS 794/WC 785/PMB 396
Great God of Mercy (1,Ps,G)  CBW 361/WOR 746
Great Is Thy Faithfulness (1,Ps)  LMGM 242
Hold Me in Life (G)  MI‑BB 492/GC 599/JS 702/GP 596
*I Am the Salvation (E)   IH 62
*I Am Your Savior, My People (E)   PSL A-166/SS
If We Have Died to Ourselves (2)  RS 315/GC 154/GC2 135
Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise, v. 3 (2)  WOR 512/WC 699/GC 506/CBW 472/JS 621/PMB 347/MI‑BB/SS
Jerusalem, My Happy Home (2)  RS 771/WOR 690/GC 771/GC2 764/WC 845/JS 788/PMB 454/MI‑BB 594/WS/SS
Keep in Mind (2)  WC 802/MI‑BB/GC 674/GC2 658/JS 589/RS 940/GP 492/PMB 36/WS/SS
Lord of All Hopefulness (G) WOR 568/GP 622/GC 578/GC2 560/JS 690/GP 497/PMB 415/WC 799/MI-BB/WS/SS
Loving and Forgiving (1)   JS 560/MI-BB
Now Thank We All Our God (1,G)  WOR 560/CBW 535/GP 700/LMGM 208/WC 946/BB/RS 700/GC 565/GC2 545/JS 636/PMB 520/WS/SS
Oh, Who Can Know the Mind of God (1)   JS 633
Our God Is Rich in Love (1,G)  GC 652/GC2 620
Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven (1,G)  WOR 530/CBW 565/LMGM 198/WC 919/MI‑BB/RS 684/GC 551/GC2 531/JS 612/GP 685/PMB 492/SS
Precious Lord, Take My Hand (2)  LMGM 162/RS 754/GC 874/GC2 847/WC 841/MI‑BB/GP 478/PMB 448/WS
Priestly People, v 12 (1,G)   PMB 383/WC 740/WS
Ps 103: The Lord Is Kind and Merciful (1,G)
Pues Sí Vivimos/If We Are Living (2)  RS 727/GC 666/GC2 650/PMB 408/WC 796/WS/SS
Rain Down (1,G)   JS 651/GP 713/GC2 505/MI-BB
Remember Your Love -- Dameans (1,G)  GP 474/JS 561/MI‑BB/RS 550/GC 881/GC2 851
*Seek the Lord (1)  GP 351/MI‑BB/RS 540/JS 558/GC2 395
*Sing a Joyful Song (Ps) GP 688/JS 616/MI-BB
Sing of the Lord's Goodness (1,G)  MI‑BB/JS 605/GP 690/GC 547/GC2 532
*The Last Shall Be First (G)   PSL A-168/SS
The Lord Is Near Joncas (Ps)  GP 614/GC 619/GC2 599/JS 719
There's a Wideness in God's Mercy (G)  WOR 595, 596/MI‑BB/RS 742/GC 626/GC2 603/CBW 443/WC 660/JS 748/GP 639/PMB 322/WS/SS
Turn My Heart, O God (1)   GC2 561
We Remember (1)  WC 653/MI‑BB/RS 724/GC 593/GC2 578/WS/SS
We Shall Rise Again (1,G)  RS 872/GC 772/GC2 762
We Walk by Faith (1)  WOR 572/WC 807/MI‑BB/RS 723/GC 590/GC2 583/CBW 495/PMB 416/JS 700/WS/SS
*We Will Extol Your Praise (Ps)  CBW 574
With the Lord  GP 344/MI‑BB/CBW 374/JS 105, 106, 393/GC2 71/PMB 172/WS/SS
Wonderful and Great (Ps) PMB 499/WC 918
You Are All We Have (Ps)  RS 643/GC 505/GC2 508/SS
You Are Strong, You Are Holy (1,G)   GC2 700
Your Love Is Finer Than Life (2)  PCY1 67/LMGM 530/GC 62/GC2 42/CBW 13D/WC 407/WS/SS


Choral Anthems

Title of Anthem, Voicing & Instrumentation Composer/arranger/editor Publisher & edition #  
All Thy Works Shall Praise Thee (SATB) Mathias, William Oxford (A-180) PS
Almighty and Everlasting God (SATB) Gibbons, Orlando Oxford (43.244) 1
Call, The SATB
Call, The SATB
Call, The SATB
Call, The SATB
Call, The SATB
Call, The 2 pt
St James Press, Hinshaw
MSM MSM 50-6515
Come My Way, My Truth, My Life SATB Friedell HW Gray G
Eyes of All Wait Upon Thee, The (SSA) Smith, Robert Edward Continuo (Alexander Broude) (AB 817) PS
Eyes of All Wait Upon Thee, O Lord, The (SATB) Harris, William H. Oxford (42.983) PS
Eyes of All Wait Upon Thee, The (SATB) Berger, Jean Augsburg (11-1264) PS
God, My King, Thy Might Confessing (SATB, 2 Tpts.) Goemanne, Noel GIA (G-2226) PS
Great and Glorious (SATB) Haydn, Franz Josef Belwin Mills (44-316) PS
Great is the Lord (SATB) Berger, Jean Augsburg (11-0668) PS
Great is the Lord (SATB) Lewis, John Leo Presser (312-40534) PS
I Will Extol Thee (SB) Butler, Eugene Broadman (4562-17) PS
I Will Extol Thee (TTBB) Moe, Daniel Augsburg (11-0623) PS
I Will Extol Thee, My God (SATB, 2 Tpts.) Berger, Jean Associated (A 558) PS
I Will Magnify Thee (SATB) Gore, Richard T. Abingdon (APM-957) PS
Let Your Manner of Life be Worthy (SATB) Wienhorst, Richard Concordia 2
Lord, for Thy Tender Mercies' Sake (SATB) Farrant, Richard G. Schirmer (19554) PS
Lord Is Good to All, The (SATB, Finger Cym.) Berger, Jean Tetra (Alexander Broude) (AB-448) PS
Lord Is Righteous in All His Ways, The (SATB) Berger, Jean Alexander Broude (AB-903) PS
Lord of All Hopefulness SATB Willan CF Peters G
Now Thank We All Our God SATB
Now Thank We All Our God SATB
GIA, Morning Star
GIA G-7476
1, G
O God, My King (SATB) Anmer, John Oxford (Anthems for Choirs, Vol. 1) PS
Psalm 145 (Sop., Bass, Unison, Tpt.) Folkemer, Stephen GIA (G-2337) PS
Seek the Lord While He May Be Found (SS) Nelson, Ronald A. Augsburg (Music for the Contemporary Choir) 1
Seek Ye the Lord (SATB) Burroughs, Bob Concordia (Logia) (98-3079) 1
Seek Ye the Lord (SATB) Butler, Eugene Flammer (A-5063) 1
Seek Ye the Lord (Tenor, SATB) Roberts, J. Varley Carl Fischer (CM 143) 1
Seek Ye the Lord (Tenor, SATB) Roberts, J. Varley Augsburg (1030) 1
Seek Ye the Lord (SATB, Junior Choir) Roberts, J. Varley/Cain, Noble Flammer (84457) 1
Seek Ye the Lord (Tenor, SATB) Roberts, J. Varley Novello (29.0112.09) 1
Seek Ye the Lord (Tenor, SATB) Roberts, J. Varley Presser (6245) 1
Seek Ye the Lord (Tenor, SATB) Roberts, J. Varley/McKelvy, James Mark Foster (MF 227) 1
Seek Ye the Lord (SATB) Wetzler, Robert Augsburg (1457) 1
Seek Ye the Lord (SATB) Young,Gordon Presser (312-41172) 1

Simite est Regnum Caelorum (SATB)
Simite est Regnum Caelorum (SATB)

Morales, Cristobal

J. & W. Chester (Chester Motets # 3), CPDL

There's a Wideness in God's Mercy (unison)
There's a Wideness in God's Mercy SATB
1, 2
What Is Life But Christ? (SATB, Tpts.) Young, Philip Broadman (4562-51) 2

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