It is not always easy to be faithful to God. Fidelity may require embarrassment, suffering, and even death.

Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Music Suggestions

Jeremiah 20:7–9. Addressing God, the prophet claims that he was tricked. He was glad to be chosen as a prophet, but then he found himself having to proclaim “violence and outrage,” not just once in a while but all the time. He tries to keep his mouth shut, but the word will not be silenced.

Psalm of the Day: Ps (62) 63

This psalm contains some of the strongest language of trust in God to be found in the whole Psalter.

God, My God, You I Crave (Black) CBW 658

Mi Alma Está Sedienta de Ti (Castillo) FYC 213/FYC3

Mi Alma Está Sedienta de Ti (Ponce Rangel) GP 214

Mi Alma Está Sedienta de Ti/My Soul Is Thirsting (Peña) FYC 214/FYC3 188

Mi Alma Está Sedienta de Ti, Señor (Rubi) FYC 212/FYC3 189

My Soul Is Thirsting   (Alstott) BB-MI 816JS 51

My Soul Is Thirsting  (Angrisano) BB-MI 768/GP3 156/JS3 52/OIF 188

My Soul is Thirsting  (Bridge)  BB-MI 761JS3 45

My Soul Is Thirsting  (Chiusano) JS 52

My Soul Is Thirsting  (Guimont) CBW 205/GC2 933/ SS 567

My Soul is Thirsting   ((Huntstiger) SS 515

My Soul is Thirsting   (Hurd) JS3 693

My Soul Is Thirsting  (Janco) OIF 210/WC 202/WS 353

My Soul Is Thirsting  (Joncas) GC 61/GC2 43/G3 55/RS 90

My Soul is Thirsting  (Modlin) JS3 54

My Soul Is Thirsting  (Proulx/Gelineau) GC 60/GC2 44/G3 56/RS 89/WOR 42, 958

My Soul Is Thirsting  (Roberts) LMGM 531

My Soul is Thirsting (Willcock) OIF 186/SS 568

My Soul Is Thirsting for You/Mi Alma Tiene Sed (Rubalcava) WC 443/WS 35

My Soul Thirsts (Schutte) BB-MI 769/GP 213/OIF 189


Romans 12:1–2. Faith affects everything we are and do. We have to allow ourselves to be totally “transformed by the renewal” of our mind. Only then will we begin to understand the will of God.


Matthew 16:21–27. “Whoever wishes to come after me must deny personal preferences, take up the cross, and follow me.” This is the way to life.

Songs for the Liturgy

All That We Have (G)  GC 601/GC2 597/GP 618

As We Remember (G) GP 504/GC 818

Blessed by Your Sacrifice (G) BB/JS 619

Christ Is Alive (2,G) CBW 384/JS 441/JS3 418/OIF 455PMB 258/RS 601/SS 761/WC 590/WOR 466/WOR4 510

Christ's Church Shall Glory in His Power (G) RS 677/WOR 616

Crux Fidelis (2,G) OIF 675/PMB 247/WC 794/WS 125,488

Embrace My Way and Cross (G) GC2 698

Glory in the Cross (G) BB-MI 712/G3 501/JS 523/JS3 375/OFUV 439/SPS 170

He Understands, v 4 (G) LMGM 144

Here I Am, Lord Ward (2,G) PMB 403/WC/WS

*I Am the Bread of Life  Englert (Ps) JS 736/OIF 546/PMB 321/WC 696

I Danced in the Morning (1) BB-MI 563/GC 708/GC2 689/G3 796/GP 395/GP3 322/JS 764/JS3 636/OFUV 670/OIF 631/PMB 366/RS 809/WC 750/WS 615 /WOR 636 /WOR4 777

I Have Decided to Follow Jesus (G) LMGM 118/LMGM2 613

I Will Be with You (1,G) GC 455

I Will Choose Christ (G) ) BB-MI 509/ GP 459/GP3 574/JS 775/JS3 736/SPS 220

I Will Lift Up My Eyes (G) GC 500/GP 709 /JS 646

If We Have Died to Ourselves (G) RS 315/GC 154

In the Cross of Christ (2) GC2 436/G3 515/RS 221/SS 738

Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross (G) LMGM 45/LMGM2 300

*Jesus the Lord (2) BB-MI 726/ CBW 432/ GC 418/G3 491/GP 370/GP3 /JS 484

JS3 467/ OFUV 509/RS 574

Keep in Mind (G) BB-MI 672/GC 674/GC2 658 /G3 646/GP 492/GP3 434/ /JS 589 /JS3 559 OFUV 330/OIF 332,734 /PMB 36/RS  940/SS 888/WC 219,841/WS 28,684/WOR4 651

Lift High the Cross (2) BB-MI 713/ CBW 435/ GC 791/GC2 785 /G3 881/GP 444/

GP3 384/JS 522 /JS3 500/LMGM2 726/OIF 703/ PMB393/RS 884/SS 974

WC 792/WS 654/WOR 704/WOR4  885

Lord, Whose Love in Humble Service (Bayly/Beach Spring) BB-MI  614/GP 557/OIF 871/JS 840/PMB 508/RS 793/ 892/WC 968/WS 780
Lord, Whose Love in Humble Service (Bayly/In Babilone) CH 606/GC2 668/G3 764/JS3 825/WOR4 780
No Greater Love   (G) BB-MI 141/ CBW 599/ GC 628 /GC2 607/G3 701/GP 362

GP3 290/JS3 379/OFUV 441/RS 753

Now Go Forward (1,G) GC 691

Now We Remain BB-MI 507/GC 694/GC2 696/G3 785/WC 640/RS 813/SS 903/WC 678/WS 561/WOR4 764

O Cross of Christ CBW 368/PMB 248/SS 739/WC 795

O Jesus, Joy of Loving Hearts (G) CBW 654/RS 759/WOR 605/WOR4 705

Only This I Want (2) BB-MI 498/ CBW 516/GC 695/GC2 701/G3 782/

GP 575/GP3 562/ JS 766/JS3 732

Praise to You, O Christ, Our Savior (1,G) BB-MI 589/CBW 442/GC 515/GC2 517/G3 596/GP 662/GP3 691/JS 674/JS3 643/OFUV 651/RS 652/WOR4 591

Ps 91, Be with Me, Lord (1)

Pues Si Vivimos/If We Are Living   FYC3 672/GC 666/GC2 650/G3 756/OIF 730/RS 727/WC 835/WOR4 754

*Take Up Your Cross (G) BB-MI 710/ CBW 485/ GC 698/GC2 688,690/G3 787

GP 586/GP3 552/JS 524/JS3 501/OFUV 708/OIF 679/ PMB 238/RS 808

SS 905/WC 793/WS 467/WOR 634/WOR4 761

Unless a Grain of Wheat BB-MI 330,506/GC 697/GC2 699/G3 783/GP 579/

GP3 516,562/JS 760/JS3 725,801/ OFUV 710/RS 804/SS 453/WOR4 759

We Have Been Told, v 1 (C) BB-MI 497/GC 699/GC2 694//G3 784/RS 815/WC 851

We Have No Glory (G) JS 671

We Live a Mystery (G) GC 595

We Remember (G) BB-MI 494/GC 593/GC2 578 /G3 681/GP3 588/RS 724/

 SS 842/WC 691/WS 540/WOR4 738

We Should Glory in the Cross (G) JS 521

Weary of All Trumpeting (G) WOR 635

What Wondrous Love Is This (2,G) BB-MI 479/ GC 406b,627/GC2 614/G3 642

GP 642/GP3 668/JS 755/JS3 719/LMGM2 500/ OFUV 693/OIF 738

PMB 253/RS 749 /SS 853/WC 757 /WS 470 /WOR 600 /WOR4 641

When I Survey the Wondrous Cross (G) BB-MI 144/ CBW 382/GP3 302/JS 417

JS3 387/OFUV 465/OIF 678/ PMB 249/RS /WC 796/WS 485/WOR 433/WOR4 494

Where He Leads Me (G) LMGM 120/LMGM2 621

*Wherever He Leads, I'll Go (1)  LMGM 50/RS 819/WOR4 938

Within Our Darkest Night (1) GC 644/RS 767


Choral Anthems

Title of Anthem, Voicing & Instrumentation Composer/arranger/editor Publisher & edition #  
Blest Are Those Whose Spirits Long (2-part,mixed) Handel, G. F./Hopson, Hal. H. Choristers Guild (CGA-183) PS
Day By Day SATB
Day By Day SATB
Day By Day SATB
R Dean
The New Oxford Easy Anthem Book - Oxford
Do Not Be Conformed (SATB) Landgrave, Phillip Carl Fischer (CM 7756) 2
Early, O Lord, My Fainting Soul (SATB, continuo) Purcell, Henry/Lewis & Fortune Novello (PSR 8) PS
Early Will I Seek Thee (SATB) Weelkes, Thomas/Richardson, John A. Sacred Songs (CS 316) PS
For My Soul Thirsteth for God SATB Mendelssohn   PS
If Any Man Will Come After Me (Bass, SATB) York, David Stanley Mercury (MC 313) G
Keys of the Kingdom, The (Bass, SATB) McCormick, Clifford Shawnee (A-472) G
Kingdom of the Lord, The (2-part) Sleeth, Natalie AMSI (301) G
Lord Whose Love in Humble Service SATB Flemning Augsburg 2, G
Lord, You Are My God (Unison) Haydn, Joseph Choristers Guild (CGA-431) PS
O God, Thou Art My God (SATB) Lekberg, Sven Kjos (5192) PS
O God, Thou Art My God (SATB, Woodwind or Brass Quintet) Nelson, Ronald A. Augsburg (11-0560) PS
O God, Thou Art My God (SATB, continuo) Purcell, Henry/Lewis & Fortune Novello (46.0005.03) PS
Prayer of St Richard of Chicester SSATB
Prayer of St Richard of Chicester SATB
The Oxford Book of Flexible Anthems - Oxford
Psalm 63 (SATB) Hall, Kay H. Broadman (4546-06) PS
Que Vult Venire (2-part) Lassus, Orlando de Mercury (352-00011) G
Take Up Your Cross SATB
Take Up Your Cross SATB
What Wondrous Love is This      
When I Survey the Wondrous Cross (SATB)
When I Survey the Wondrous Cross (2 pt)
Martin, Gilbert
Theodore Presser (312-40785)