TWENTIETH SUNDAY A  Lectionary #118

The mystery of God's plan is that God's reach is always wider than we might imagine.

Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Music Suggestions

Isaiah 56:1, 6-7. The prophet indicates that after the return from Exile there were non-Jews who were allowed to participate in the life of the covenant people. These, too, the prophet says, are beloved of God, because God's plan embraces all the nations.

Psalm of the Day:  Ps (66) 67
This harvest prayer addresses God not only as the God of Israel but as the Lord of all the earth.

A Dios Den Gracias (Espinosa) FYC 215

All You Nations  WC 444/WS 355

La Tierra Ya Germinó—respuesta II (Cortés) FYC 216

Let All the Earth Cry Out to God with Joy  WS 354

Let the Peoples Praise You (Jordan/Stanbrook Abbey) CBW 169 (105, 36)

O God, Let All the Nations/Oh, Dios, Que Todos Los Pueblos (Cortés)  JS 54

O God, Let All the Nations (Guimont) RS 94/GC 66/GC2 936

O God, Let All the Nations (Kremer/Gelineau) WOR 922/RS 95

O God, Let All the Nations (Proulx)  PMB 699/WC 445 /WS 356

O God, Let All the Nations (Schiavone)  JS 1005

O God, Let All the Nations (Smith)  JS 55


Romans 11:13–15, 29–32. Paul is still struggling with the inclusion of non-Jews in the community of Jesus (see Ordinary Time 19). He knows that such inclusion should happen; after all, he is the “apostle to the Gentiles.” He is firm in his belief that “the gifts and the call of God are irrevocable” for the Jewish people. He can only conclude that God has, in a sense, dumped everyone into the same pot, “that he might have mercy upon all.”


Matthew 15:21–28. One of Jesus’ few recorded contacts with a non-Jew occurs in the area north of Galilee, in what is now Lebanon. There he is corrected by a Canaanite woman. When he haughtily announces that she is not worthy to share in the “food of the children,” she responds that even dogs get to eat scraps under the table. (This quote has been incorporated into the wonderful “Prayer of Humble Access” that is part of the Episcopal Church's Eucharistic practice.) Jesus is converted by her faith, and he grants her request.


Songs for the Liturgy


A Touching Place (1,G) GC 640/RS 760

All Are Welcome  (1,G) BB-MI 413/GC 753/GC2 741/G3 850/GP3 570/LMGM2 683/RS 846/SS 920/WC /WOR4 833/WS 735

All People That on Earth Do Dwell (1,Ps,G) BB-MI  398/CBW 578/GC 747/GC2 746/G3 853/GP3 456/JS 604/JS3 570//LMGM 304/LMGM2 674 /OFUV 785/OIF 826/PMB 480/RS 849/SS 822/WC 954/WS 770/WOR4 837

All the Earth (1,Ps,G) BB-MI 422/WC 895/WS/JS 446/OFUV 594/PMB 484

All Things New (G)  GC 427/GC2 450/G3 541

As a Fire Is Meant for Burning (1,G) GC 663/GC2 643/G3 744/RS 779

At the Table of the World (1,G)  PMB 301/WC 684/WS 565

Come to the Feast (1) BB-MI 307/GC 503/GC2 499, 734/JS 795/RS 642

Diverse in Culture, Nation, Race (1,Ps,G) GC 739/GC2 729/G3 833/RS 847

For the Healing of the Nations BB-MI 426/CBW 503/GC 719/GC2 712/G3 803/GP3 517/G3 803/JS 866/JS3 844/OIF 877/RS 823/WC 960/WOR 643/WOR4 798

Gather Us In (1,G) BB-MI 302/CBW 587/GC 744/GC2 743/G3 848/GP 78/GP3 471/LMGM2 676/RS 850/SS 922/WC 909/WOR 665/WOR4 837/WS 733

Gather Your People (2) BB-MI 313/GC2 742/G3 837/GP3 465/JS 798/JS3 768/OFUV 782/WOR4 478
God Is Here! As We His People (1) RS 844/GC2 737/G3 843/JS 796/JS3 764/PMB 463/SS 930/WC 906/WOR 667

God's Holy Mountain We Ascend (1)  PMB 467/WC 910

Healer of Our Every Ill (G)  CBW 363/ GC 882/GC2 854/G3 960/RS 958/

WC 713/WS 593

Healing River (G) 686/GC 584/GC2 564/G3 643/JS3 /RS 715

Healing River of the Spirit  (G) BB 686/G3 665/GP3 422/J3 545

Help Us Accept Each Other (G) RS 838/WOR 656/WOR4 818

Hold Me in Life (G) GC 699/JS 702

How Blessed Is This Place (1) RS 893/WOR 710/WOR4 894

*I Am the Bread of Life  Englert (C) JS 736/OIF 546PMB 321/WC 696

*I Am the Bread of Life  (Kaczmarek) OIF 542

*I Am the Bread of Life  Toolan, v 3 (G) BB-MI 364/GC 828/GC2 822/G3 945/GP3 493/LMGM 133/LMGM2 755/RS 931/SS 988/WC 659/ WOR 738/WOR4 950/WS 543

 *I Am the Living Bread (C) BB-MI 356/CBW 605/GP 519/GP3 495/JS 822/JS3 794/OFUV 819

I Was Glad (1) LMGM 303

In Christ There Is a Table Set for All (1) GC 749/RS 916

In Christ There Is No East or West (1) BB-MI 576/ CBW 529/ GC 738/GC2 726/G3 832/GP 565/GP3 548/JS 850/JS3 831 LMGM 301/LMGM2 664/OIF 683/OFUV 761/PMB 391/RS 836/SS 918/WC 807/ WOR 659/WOR4 824/WS 647

*Let All the People Praise Thee (1,Ps) LMGM 83/LMGM2 475

Let All the World in Every Corner Sing (1) WOR 536

O God, Empower Us (1,G) WOR 642

O Healing Light of Christ (G)  JS 576

Only Begotten, Word of God Eternal (1) RS 852/WOR 666/WOR4 839

Ps 84: How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place (1)

Ps 122: I Rejoiced When I Heard Them Say (1)

*Ps 130: With the Lord There Is Mercy (C)

Sing a New Church (1)  BB-MI 412/GC2 644/G3 743

Table of Plenty (1) BB-MI 310/GP 530/GP3 463/JS 793/JS3 761/OFUV 786/SPS 233

The Kingdom of God (G) GC 655/GC2 637, 639/G3 736/OIF 883/PMB 511/RS 775/WOR 615/WOR4 720/WC 976

There's a Wideness in God's Mercy (2) BB-MI 475/CBW III 443/CH 535/GC2 603/G3 644/GP 639/GP3 670/JS 748/JS3 712/LMGM2 511/OFUV 690/OIF 585/PMB 322/RS 742/SS 855/WC 709/WOR 595, 596/WOR4 645/WS 584

Ven al Banquete (1)  BB-MI 307/GC2 734/G3 838/JS 795/JS3 763

Voices That Challenge (G) GC 721/GC2 702

We Remember (G) BB-MI 494/GC 593/GC2 578 /G3 681/GP3 588/RS 724

SS 842/SPS/WC 691/WS 540/WOR4 738

What Is This Place (1) GC 748/GC2 736/GP 262/RS 892/JS 799/WOR 709

Your Hands, O Lord, in Days of Old (G) JS 579/OIF 589/PMB 332/RS 949/WC 712/WS 592/WOR 750/WOR4 972


Choral Anthems

Title of Anthem, Voicing & Instrumentation Composer/arranger/editor Publisher & edition #  
Also the Sons (SATB, Keyboard 4-hands) Kohn, Karl Carl Fischer (CM7994) 1
As a Fire is Meant for Burning SATB White Selah 1, G
Awake, My Glory (SATB) Diemer, Emma Lou Abingdon (APM-962) PS
Come, O Blessed of My Father (2 equal voices) Bender, Jan Concordia (98-1834) G
Coventry Anthem (SATB) Howells, Herbert. Novello (1420) 1
Deus Misereatur Nostri (SATB) Schutz, Heinrich/Klein, Maynard G. Schirmer (11969) PS
Deus Misereatur Nostri (SATB) Schutz, Heinrich/Ehret, Walter Tetra (Alexander Broude) (AB 742) PS
Festival Psalm (SATB) Arnatt, Ronald H. W. Gray (CMR 2684) PS
God Be Merciful (SS or SA) Bouman, Paul Concordia (98-2471) PS
God Be Merciful (SATB) Tchesnokoff, Paul/Dash, James A. Summy Birchard (J5525) PS
God Be Merciful Unto Us (SATB) Aston, Peter Novello (MT.1494) PS
God Be Merciful Unto Us (SATB) Means, Claude H.W. Gray (CMR-3218) PS
God Be Merciful Unto Us (SSA) Willan, Healey Concordia (97-7160) PS
God of Grace and God of Mercy (SAB) Burroughs, Bob Broadman (4552-10) PS
How Lovely is Thy Dwelling Place     1
It Is Not Fair (2 equal voices) Bender, Jan Concordia (98-1847) G
Let All the People Praise Thee (SA) Powell, Robert J. Concordia (98-1973) PS
Let All the People Praise Thee, O God (SAB) Shaw, Martin Novello (85079) PS
Let All the World in Every Corner Sing     PS
Let the People Praise Thee, O God (SATB, 2 Tpts.) Berger, Jean Tetra (Alexander Broude) (754) PS
Let the People Praise Thee, O God (Uni, 2 Violins, Con.) Hammerschmidt, A./Oberdoerffer Concordia (9801826) PS
Let the People Praise Thee, O God (SATB) Mathias, William Oxford (A-331) PS
Let the People Praise Thee, O God (SS) Willan, Healey Concordia (We Praise Thee, Vol. 1) PS
Lord, Be Merciful Unto Us, Op. 259, No. 2 (SATB) Hovhaness, Alan Rongwen (Broude Brothers) (RM 3527) PS
May God Bless Us (SATB) Gibson, Paul GIA (G-3358) G
May God Have Pity On Us (Unison) Schoen, Frank A. GIA (G-1711) PS
O God, Be Merciful (SATB) Tye, Christopher/Buck, P.C. Oxford PS
O How Amiable SATB Daley Alliance Music Publishers AMP 0017 1
O Jesu, Fili David (SA(T)B) des Pres, Josquin/Gronquist, Robert Tetra (Alexander Broude) (AB 169) G
Psalm 67 (Unison, SATB) Horman, John Choristers Guild (CGA-589) PS
Psalm 67 (SAB) Wood, Dale Augsburg (11-9376) PS
Psalm 67 (SATB, Glockenspiel, String Bass) Zimmerman, Heinz W. Carl Fischer (CM 7857) PS
Sixty-Seventh Psalm, The (SATB) Ives, Charles Associated (1-274) PS
There's a Wideness in God's Mercy (unison)
There's a Wideness in God's Mercy SATB
1, 2
We Can Not Measure How You Heal SATB Archer RSCM/GIA G
When I am Afflicted, Poor and Low 2 pt Roberts St James Press G