Seen through the eyes of those preparing for initiation, today's texts encourage fidelity to God. There will be many temptations to move back from the final step of baptism, confirmation, and Eucharist, but the elect need to remember the call to hear God's Word and adore only the God revealed to us in Jesus Christ.

Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Music Suggestions

Genesis 2:7-9; 3:1-7. This reading has connections to the second reading as well as the Gospel. The story is taken from the second account of creation in Genesis (the first account, Genesis 1:1–2:2, is read at the Easter Vigil.) Tempted by the devil, the very first humans reveal a pattern that is repeated in every generation: We sin.

Psalm of the Day: Ps (50) 51
See suggestions for Ash Wednesday and . . .

Be Merciful, O Lord (Alstott)   BB
Be Merciful, O Lord (Bedford)   PRM A16/PMB 580/WS
Be Merciful, O Lord (Craig/Gelineau)   LPGG 791
Be Merciful, O Lord (Guimont)   GC 928/LPMG 22
Be Merciful, O Lord (Hunstiger)   SS
Be Merciful, O Lord (Schiavone)   JS 903/LP 34
We Have Sinned, Lord   PSL A-30/SS

Romans 5:12-19. Reflecting on what seems to be an almost ingrained pattern in human existence, Paul uses fairly convoluted arguments to show how what happened in Jesus is much more than what happened in Adam and Eve. Not only did Christ overcome the effects of sin in the world, the grace of God went further. We are not merely restored to the state of humanity before sin; we have been elevated to reign with Christ.

Matthew 4:1-11. The story of Jesus' temptation is intended in Matthew's version to show that he not only resists sin, where Adam and Eve did not resist, he resists three times, where they fell after Satan's first attempt.

Songs for the Liturgy
Again We Keep This Solemn Fast (G)  WOR 420/WC 519/CBW 352/RS 559/PMB 233/JS 394/GC 382/GC2 407/WS/BB/SS
Attende Domine (Ps,Lat‑Eng)  WOR 414/BB/JS 378/WC 521/RS 552/PMB 239/WS/SS
*Be with Me, Lord (G)  GC 85/GC2 50/LMGM 509, 510/WC 419, 420/GP 229, 230/MI‑BB/PCY1 24/CBW 357/RS 123/PMB 158/JS 67, 68, 69/WS/SS
Before the Fruit Is Ripened by the Sun (G)  WOR 418
*Beyond the Days (G)   JS 384/BB
*Blest Be the Lord (G)  GP 599/GC 617/GC2 585/MI‑BB/JS 708
Bread of Life -- Farrell (G)  CBW 597D/JS 819/MI‑BB
Eternal Lord of Love (2,G)  JS 390/CBW 360/RS 554
*Forty Days and Forty Nights (G)  WOR 419/BB/LMGM 42/GC 384/GC2 411/JS 380/GP 345/PMB 232/WC 534/WS/SS
*From Ashes to the Living Font (G)  WC 522/RS 561/PMB 236/GC 402/WS/SS
*From the River to the Desert (G)   HG 54
God of Abraham (G)  GP 450/GC 391
God Will Take Care of You (G)  LMGM 183
Guide My Feet (G,C)  GC 707/GC2 684
*Have Mercy, Lord, on Us (Ps)  WOR 753/CBW 358/WC 665/PMB 328/WS
Hold Me In Life (G)  MI‑BB/JS 702/GP 596/GC 599
Hold Us in Your Mercy (Ps)   GC 398/GC2 398/GP 350
I Will Be Your God (1,Ps,2)   JS 383
I Will Choose Christ (G)   GP 459/JS 775/GC2 683/MI-BB
Jesus, Lead the Way (G)  RS 755/GC 642/GC2 632/WOR 611
*Jesus, Tempted in the Desert (G)  RS 548/HG 65
Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley (G)  WOR 427/WC 529/RS 557/PMB 242/JS 387/GC 393/GC2 406/WS
Journeysong (G)  GP 581/JS 759
Lead Me, Guide Me (E)  LMGM 168/GC 574/GC2 555/WC 777/RS 712/WS/PMB 397/MI-BB
*Led by the Spirit (G) MI-BB
*Lord Jesus Christ (Ps)   GC2 409
*Lord, Who Throughout These Forty Days (G)  WOR 417/CBW 367/BB/LMGM 40/GC 392/GC2 416/JS 391/RS 553/GP 348/SS
*Mercy, O God (Ps)   GC2 417/SS
*My Refuge (G)  RS 122/GP 231
*Not by Bread Alone (G)   GC 517
*Not on Bread Alone (C)   PSL A-31/SS
Now in This Banquet (Lenten refrain)  GC 833/GC2 825/RS 933
O Christ, Bright Sun of Justice (Ps)   JS 389
O for a Heart to Praise My God (Ps,2)  WOR 591
O Merciful Redeemer (Ps)  CBW 369
*On Eagle's Wings (G,C)  GP 598/GC 611/GC2 593/MI‑BB/JS 704/WC 850/RS 740/PMB 453/WS/SS
*Out into the Wilderness (G)   BB
Parce Domine (Ps, Lat‑Eng)  WOR 416/WC 518/BB/GC 383/GC2 412/JS 376/RS 549/PMB 228/WS/SS
Praise to You, O Christ Our Savior (G)  MI‑BB/GC 515/GC2 517/JS 674/RS 652/GP 662/CBW 442
Remember Your Love (Ps)  GP 474/MI‑BB/GC 881/GC2 851/RS 550/JS 561
Remember Your Mercy, Lord (Ps)  GP 476
*Return to the Lord (Ps)   GC 415
Save Your People (G)  BB/GP 341
Seek the Lord (Ps)  JS 558/RS 540/GC 395/GP 351/MI‑BB
*The Glory of These Forty Days (G)  WOR 422/CBW 481/BB/LMGM 32/GC 388/GC2 397/JS 379/WC 530/RS 545/GP 343/PMB 237/WS/SS
The Kingdom Calls Us to Repent (Ps,2)   BB
The Lord Is Near (G)  GC 609/GC2 599/JS 719/MI-BB/GP 606
*These Forty Days of Lent (G)   PMB 240/WC 527/WS
This Is Our Accepted Time (Ps)   PMB 231/WC 531
This Season Calls Us (Ps,G)   JS 382
*Those Who Love Me (E)   PSL A-29/SS
*Turn to the Living God (Ps)   GC2 408
Thy Way, O Lord (G)  LMGM 39
Tree of Life (G)  GC 397/GC2 401/CBW 373/RS 541/SS
Turn to Me (2)  GP 342/JS 377/MI-BB
We Will Serve the Lord (G)   GC 665, 869/GC2 652
When from Bondage (G)   SS
*When They Call in Tribulation (E)   IH 15
*When You Call to the Lord (E)   BFW 61/SS
Without Seeing You (Ps)   GC 844/GC2 842
*Yes, I Shall Arise B Deiss (Ps)   PMB 325/WC 658/WS
You Shall Be My People (Ps)  WC 745


Choral Anthems

Title of Anthem, Voicing & Instrumentation Composer/arranger/editor Publisher & edition #  
Adam Lay YBounden (SATB)
Adam Lay YBounden (SATB)
Adam Lay YBounden (SATB)
Adam Lay YBounden (SATB)
Adam Lay YBounden (SATB)
Bossey & Hawkes OCTB6527
Roger Dean/Lorenz 10/2497R
Walton Music WW1356
Novello 29 0172
Attende Domine (SAB)
Attende Domine (SATB)
Aureole Editions/MSM AE61
CanticaNova 5004

Begone, Satan! (Unison)

Bender, Jan

Concordia (98.1848)


Be Merciful, O God (SAB) Ferris Paraclete PPM09814 PS

Be Merciful, O Lord (SAB)

Hirten, John Karl

GIA (G-3318)


Be Merciful to Me (SATB)

Schütz, Heinrich

GIA (G-1912)


Call to Rememberance (SATB, TTBB)

Farrant, Richard/ed. Shaw,Martin)

GIA, H.W. Gray, CPDL


Cast Me Not Away (SATB)
Cast Me Not Away from Thy Presence (SSAATTB)

Wesley, Samuel

Paraclete 0708
Novello (29.0127.07)


Come to Me, All Pilgrims Thirsty Highben Augsburg  
Commitment (SATB) Pfautsch Augsburg 11-1596* PS

Create in me, O God (SATB)

Brahms, Johannes

G. Schirmer (7504)


Create in Me a Clean Heart (2-part)
Create in Me a Clean Heart, O God (SATB)
Create in Me a Clean Heart (SAB)
Create in Me a Clean Heart (SATB)
Create in Me a Clean Heart (SATB)
Create in Me a Clean Heart (SATB)
Create in Me a Clean Heart (SATB)
Create in Me a Clean Heart (SATB)
Create in Me a Clean Heart (SATB)

Bouman, Paul
Mueller, Carl
Muskrat, Bruce

Concordia (98-1143)
G. Schirmer (8682)
Concordia (98-2719)
Belwin Mills
Paraclete 0006
Roger Dean/Lorenz 10/2207R
Kjos 8808
St. James Press


Deo Gracias - Ceremony of Carols SSAA & SATB Britten Boosey & Hawkes 1
Forty Days (SSAATTBB) Brubeck Shawnee Press a996 G
Give Almes of Thy Goods Tye, C. CPDL G

Give Us Lord, A New Heart

Farrell, Bernadette

OCP (7104)


Have Mercy on Me, O God (SATB)
Have Mercy on Me

Tomkins, Thomas

Augsburg ED003877
GIA (G-1899)


Holy Gifts (SATB)

Owens, Sam Batt

GIA (G-2511)


How Lovely are Thy Messengers (SATB)

Mendelssohn, Felix

G. Schirmer (3741)


In Adam We Have All Been One (SAB)

Kalbfleisch, Rodger

Concordia (98.2536) *


Jesus Christ the Apple Tree (SATB)
Jesus Christ the Apple Tree (SATB)
Jesus Christ the Apple Tree (Unison)
Mayhew Brodt
Concordia 98-3362
E.C. Schirmer 4446
Jesus Lead the Way (SATB) Proulx GIA G-5370 G
Jesus Walked this Lonesome Valley (SSAATTBB) Ferguson GIA G-3279 G

Keep Me Faithfully in Thy Paths (SB)

Handel, G.F./arr. Proulx, R

GIA (G-2355)


Lenten Anthem (2 pt) Benger Robertson Publications 1,PS
Lenten Meditation (SATB) Kirk Alliance Music Publications AMP 0005 * G
Lenten Prayer, A (Unison) Powell Choristers Guild/Lorenz G
Lord, for Thy Tender Mercies Sake (SAB) White Selah 420-239 PS
Lord, Who thoughtout These Forty Days (2 pt) Meyer St. James Press G

Man Shall Not Live by Bread Alone (Unison)

Moser, Rudolf

Concordia (CH-1082) *


Miserere Mei

Byrd, William

Oxford (TCM 26), CPDL


Miserere Mei (SATB)

Lotti, Antonio

Boosey & Hawkes (1938) , CPDL


Miserere Mei (SATB)
Miserere Mei

di Lasso, Orlando
di Lasso, Orlando

GIA (G-3007)


Miserere Mei (STTTB)

des Pres, Josquin

Merseburger (EM 55)



Allegri, Gregorio

Novello (29 0291)


Nolo Mortem Peccatoris (SATB)

Morley, Thomas

Oxford (TCM-13)


Now Let Us All With One Accord (SATB) Clarke St. James Press G
O God, Have Mercy (SATB) Pfautsch Hinshaw HMC-1875 PS
Parce Domine (SATB) Nowowiejski Plymouth Music Co. 3920105 PS
Psalm 51 - Have Mercy on Me, O God (2 Lenten Anthems) SATB White R. Egan PS
Ransom of a Soul, The DAW ECS  
Remember, O Thou Man (SATB) Ravenscroft CPDL (ed. Douglas Brooks Davies) Vs. 1-3 1
Restore My Soul (SATB) Powell St. James Press PS
Scapulis Suis - Contemporary Latin Motets (SATB) Summy Birchard O, PS

The Temptation of Christ (SATB)

Pfautsch, Lloyd

Abingdon (APM-142)


This Is the Fasting I Ask

Connolly, Michael

GIA (G-2720)


Thou Knowest, O Lord, the Secrets of Our Hearts

Purcell, Henry


Tree There Grow, A (SATB) Fedak Morning Star MSM 50-3014 1

Turn Thy Face From My Sins (SATB)

Atwood, Thomas

Hinshaw (RSCM-503), CPDL, RSCM/GIA G-RCL26


Wash Me Thoroughly

Handel/Proulx R. arr.



Wash Me Thoroughly (SATB)

Wesley, S.S.

Novello (29 0111 00)


Within the Vale of Eden (SATB) Clemens WLP 008715 1

* out of print