The readings reflect the focus that ends each liturgical year and begins each new one: The Christian sense of history includes a belief that time will end not only for each of us but for the whole of creation and that there will be justice (and, we pray, mercy) for all at that time.

Isaiah 2:1-5. This vision of the coming messianic age has a hopeful focus, in which the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is seen to be the center that draws the nations together and the place from which moral teaching is sent into the whole world. This hopeful, peaceful vision is set in contrast to the dark prediction of the Day of the Lord as a day of judgment in today’s Gospel.

Psalm of the Day: Ps (121) 122
One of the "Songs of Ascent" sung by pilgrims as they approached Jerusalem’s Temple Mount. This psalm reflects an idealized picture of Jerusalem as the place of political as well as religious unity. Used by Christians, it sings of our hope for the "new" Jerusalem.

Con Qué Alegría/Let Us Go Rejoicing (Cortés) FYC 263/JS 102
I Rejoiced When I Heard Them Say (Batastini/Black) CBW 17
I Rejoiced When I Heard Them Say (Batastini/Gelineau) WOR 766/RS 165
I Rejoiced When I Heard Them Say (Dean) GP 268
I Rejoiced When I Heard Them Say (Kreutz) PSS 64
I Rejoiced When I Heard Them Say (Proulx) RS 851
I Rejoiced When I Heard Them Say (Walker) GP 269
I Rejoiced When I Heard Them Say (Warner) PMB 170/WC 440/WS
I Was Glad (Haas) GC 121/RS 166
Let Us Go Rejoicing PSL A-2/SS
Let Us Go Rejoicing (Alstott) BB
Let Us Go Rejoicing (Batastini/Gelineau) LPGG 766
Let Us Go Rejoicing (Guimont) LPMG 1
Let Us Go Rejoicing (Halligan) MI-BB
Let Us Go Rejoicing (Harbor) LMGM 542
Let Us Go Rejoicing (Haugen) PCY1 83
Let Us Go Rejoicing (Hunstiger) SS
Let Us Go Rejoicing (Hurd) JS 101/MI-BB
Let Us Go Rejoicing (Joncas) GC 120/GC2 68/RS 167
Let Us Go Rejoicing (Roberts) LMGM 543
Let Us Go Rejoicing (Schaefer) PRM A1/PMB 554
Let Us Go Rejoicing (Schalk) SO 71
Let Us Go Rejoicing (Schiavone) LP 8/JS 878
Let Us Go Rejoicing (Willcock) SS
Let Us Go Rejoicing (Young/Black) CBW 114
Qué Alegría Cuando Me Dijeron (Manzano) GP 270

Romans 13:11-14. Paul, writing from an early Christian perspective which expected the imminent return of the risen Lord, calls the people to a moral life, using the traditional morality of the “two ways”—a right way and a wrong way, the way of light and the way of darkness.

Matthew 24:37-44. In this apocalyptic passage, Jesus emphasizes the tradition that the messianic “Son of Man” will arrive to herald the Day of the Lord. In the prophets, this day could be either a hopeful time (see the Isaiah reading) or a time to dread—a time of terrible, swift judgment. Jesus warns of judgment, though he does not offer any reason why “one will be taken and one will be left.” His message is simply the need to be prepared: “At an hour you do not expect, the Son of Man will come.”

Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Music Suggestions

Songs for the Liturgy
A Season of Light (1) WC 470/WS
Advent Gathering (2) GC 324/RS 492/WS
Advent Gathering Song: Come, Come, Emmanuel (1) GC2 338/SS
Awake, Awake, Fling Off the Night (G) CBW 304
Awake, O Sleeper (2) GC 803/RS 650, 729
Christ, Be Our Light (2) GP 656/MI-BB/JS 661/WC 937/GC2 512/WS/SS
City of God, Jerusalem (1,Ps) WOR 362/RS 486
Come, Lord, and Tarry Not (G) WOR 365/LMGM 11
Come, Lord Jesus (1) BB
Come to Set Us Free (1) GP 298
Creator Alme Siderum, Latin/English (G) WOR 368/BB/LMGM 7/GC 337/CBW 307/WC 476/JS 325/RS 483/GP 305/PMB 187/WS/SS
God of All People (1) GC 331/GC2 349/CBW 314/SS
Hills of the North, Rejoice (G) WOR 365
In the Day of the Lord (1) JS 685/GP 722/MI-BB
*Let Us Go Rejoicing (Ps) JS 791
Levanto Mi Alma (Peña) GC 37
Maranatha (1,2,G) BB/GP 295
Maranatha, Come (1) GC2 335/SS
Maranatha, Lord Messiah (1) GC2 324/SS
My Lord! What a Morning (G) LMGM 9
Now Is the Hour (1,G) PSL A-3/SS
Now Is the Time Approaching (1) WC 475
Now the Day of the Lord Is at Hand (2,G) WOR 687
O Day of Peace (1,Ps) WOR 654/PMB 460
O, How I Long to See (1,Ps) GP 306
On That Holy Mountain (1,Ps) WC 468/PMB 194/WS
People, Look East (2) WOR 359/JS 329/BB/WC 460/RS 482/GC 318/GP 300/PMB 188/WS/SS
Proclaim the Joyful Message (1) WC 482/PMB 197/WS
Ps 25: To You, O Lord (E,G)
Rejoice, the Lord Is King (G) WOR 493/LMGM 93/JS 478/RS 627/GC 487/GC2 493/WC 737/MI-BB/PMB 355/WS/SS
Save Us, O Lord (G) JS 555/GP 301/MI‑BB
Soon and Very Soon (1,G) LMGM 4/GC 770/WC 947/JS 683/MI‑BB/RS 870/GP 723/PMB 513/WS/SS
The Advent of Our God (G) BB/CBW 315/WC 474/JS 322/PMB 191/SS
The Day Is Near (1) GC 768
The King Shall Come When Morning Dawns (2,G) WOR 373/BB/GP 307/GC 320/WC 461, 472/JS 319/RS 497/PMB 186/WS/SS
There Is a River (1,G) GP 718/JS 656
*To You, O Lord (E) PSL A-1/BFW 1/IH 1
Wait for the Lord (G) GC 332/CBW 319/RS 484
Wake, Awake (G) WOR 371/BB/GC 335/WC 462/JS 332/RS 489/PMB 185/SS
Waken, O Sleeper (G) HG 89
When He Comes (1,G) PMB 196
When the King Shall Come Again (1) WOR 355/GC 327/RS 487/JS 318/SS
When the Lord in Glory Comes (1,G) RS 868/GC 765


Choral Anthems

Title of Anthem, Voicing & Instrumentation Composer/arranger/editor Publisher & edition #  
Advent Supplication (SATB) Hopson Morning Star Music G

And It Shall Come to Pass (SATB)

Jean Berger

Fred Bock (BG2060)


At Midnight Comes the Cry (SATB) Lance St. James Press G

Canticle of Peace , A (Unison)

Clokey, Joseph

Summy-Birchard (Sumco B-340)


Come, Lord Jesus (Maranatha)

Twynham, Robert

Oregon Catholic Press (9632)

Come Lord and Terry Not (Unison) Ferris WLP G
Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus Thomas Oxford  
Creator Alme Siderum (SATB) Praetorius GIA G

Creator of the Stars of Night (Unison)
Creator of the Stars of Night (Unison)
Creator of the Stars of Night (SATB)
Creator of the Stars of Night (SB)

H. W. Gray
Morning Star
E. C. Schirmer

E'en So, Lord Jesus, Quickly Come (SATB)

Manz, Paul

Morning Star #50 - 0001


Gate of Heaven, The (SATB,SSAA,TTBB)

Thompson, Randall

E.C. Schirmer (2490)


Hark! A Thrilling Voice Is Sounding (SB)

Matheny, Gary

Hope (A-575)

I Was Glad (SATB)

Butler, Eugene

Agape (Hope) (EB 9200)


I Was Glad When They Said Unto Me (SATB)

Sowerby, Leo

H.W. Gray (CMR 7187)


Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning




Keep Your Lamps

Thomas, Andre, arr. Hinshaw



Kingdom of Love, The (2 eq.) White Selah 1, G

Laetatus Sum (Be Joyful) (SATB)

Monteverdi, Claudio

Mark Foster (MF 109X)


Laetatus Sum Gumpelzhaimer CPDL (PS)

Laetatus Sum (How Glad Was I) (SATB)


Concordia (97-6425) *


Laetatus Sum




Lo! He Comes with Clouds Descending (SATB)
Lo! He Comes with Clouds Descending (SAB)
Lo! He Comes with Clouds Descending (SATB)
Lo! He Comes with Clouds Descending (SATB)
Lo! He Comes with Clouds Descending (SAB)

Smith, Robert E

MSM 50-380
EC Shirmer 4871
Morning Star
H. W. Gray
GIA (G-2071)


Lo, How a Rose (SATB) von Herzogenberger St. James Press 1

Lo! In the Appointed Time (from Anthems for Choirs, Vol. 4 SATB)

Willan, Healy



Lord Will Come and Not Be Slow, The (from Easy Anthems, p. 68)




Morning Trumpet, The Wetzler AMSI G
My Lord What a Morning (SATB) Burleigh   G

Night Is Far Spent, The(SATB)

Nystedt, Knut

Augsburg (1463) *


O Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem (SATB)

Ossewarde, Jack

H.W. Gray (CMR 2777)


O Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem (SATB)
O Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

Tomkins, Thomas
Tomkins, Thomas

Broude Brothers (BB 901)


O Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem

Howells, Herbert



People Look East (SATB) Clemens WLP 2

Pray for Peace (SATB)

Parker, Alice

Augsburg (11-4633) *


Pray that Jerusalem (SATB) Stanford GIA PS

Psalmus 122 (SATB)

Sweelink, J.P.

Edition Mujsico (G 328)


Put Ye On the Lord Jesus (SATB)

Roff, Joseph

Columbo (2356)


Reign of Peace, The (SATB) White Alfred 1, G

Rejoice, O Jerusalem, Behold Your King (SATB)

Willan, Healy

Concordia (98-1506)


Rejoice, Rejoice Believers (SATB)
Rejoice, Rejoice Believers
Rejoice, Rejoice Believers
Gumpelzhaimer, Adam
Morning Star
Boosey & Hawkes
See There, the Lord Comes (SATB) Buxtehude/Engel Morning Star Music G

Salvation Is Created

Tchesnokoff, P.

Hal Leonard


Salvation is Near (SATB)

Ford, Virgil

Flammer (A-5047)


There Shall a Star from Jacob Come Forth

Mendelssohn, Felix

Hinshaw (AP-206)

There Shall a Star from Out of Jacob

Mehdelssohn, Felix

G. Schirmer (3004)

Therefore Watch That ye Be Ready (SSATB)

Hammerschmidt, A

Concordia (97-6316)


To Thee, O Lord, I Have Lifted Up My Soul (SATB) Near Aureole/Morning Star E
To You, My God (Four Advent Anthems) (SATB) Chiusano OCP/Trinitas E
Two Advent Introits - #1 (SATB) Bold E. C. Schirmer G
Unto Thee, O Lord (SATB) Ford G. Schirmer E
Wake, Awake (SATB)
Wake, Awake, for Night is Flying (SATB)
Carl Fischer

Zion Hears the Watchmen Singing

Bach, J.S./arr. Leavitt

GIA (G-3801)


* Out of Print