NINETEENTH SUNDAY A  Lectionary #115

How and when do you hear the voice of God?

1 Kings 19:9a, 11-13a. Elijah hears the voice of God in a "tiny whispering sound" which he discerns amid the sounds of the world coming apart in wind and earthquake and fire.

Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Music Suggestions

Psalm of the Day:  Ps (84) 85
Just what is it that God is saying, whenever the Holy One chooses to communicate? The consistent message is peace, salvation, and justice.

Let Us See Your Kindness (McAller) GP 225

Lord, Let Us See Your Kindness (Ancell/Knarr) CBW 166

Lord, Let Us See Your Kindness (Balhoff et al) GP 224/RS 114/

Lord, Let Us See Your Kindness (Bogdan)  WC 415/WS

Lord, Let Us See Your Kindness (Carroll/Gelineau) WOR 919/WOR4 63/RS 113

Lord, Let Us See Your Kindness (French)  PMB 156,696/WS 361

Lord, Let Us See Your Kindness (Guimont)  GC2 951

Lord, Let Us See Your Kindness (Haugen) RS 112/GC 79/GC2 48

Lord, Let Us See Your Kindness (Schiavone)  JS 1002

Lord, Let Us See Your Kindness (Soper)  BB-MI

Lord, Show Us Your Mercy (Alstott)  JS 60

Lord, Show Us Your Mercy and Love  WC 451

Muéstranos, Señor/Show Us, O Lord (Cortez) FYC 225/GP 223/JS 61

Muéstranos, Señor (Sosa) FYC 226/FYC 3 198

Muéstranos, Señor, Tu Misericordia (Taulé) FYC 227/FYC3 197

Show Us Your Kindness (Hurd) BB-MI/ JS 62


Romans 9:1–5. Paul is in anguish because his people have not converted en masse to the Gospel. What message is he drawing from this fact? He doesn't know, because as he affirms, the covenant with Israel remains valid. What, then, is he to make of the message he has accepted from Christ?


Matthew 14:22–33. Peter hears God speaking in the voice of his friend and teacher, who invites him to defy nature by walking on the water during a storm.


Songs for the Liturgy


A Shelter in the Time of Storm (G) LMGM 165

All Creatures of Our God and King (1,G) BB-MI 536/CBW 543/GC 533/GC2 523/G3 611/GP 672/GP3 714/JS 600/JS3 578/OFUV 563/OIF 853/PMB 481/RS 670/SS 812/WC 930/WS 764/WOR 520/WOR4 607

All the Ends of the Earth – Dufford (G) BB-MI 548/ GP 683/GP3 712/GC 520/GC2 526/G3 604/JS 595/JS3 573/OFUV 571

All Will Be Well (1,G)  GC2 584/G3 693/PMB 443/WC 876/WS 709

Be Not Afraid  (1,G) BB-MI 43/ GC 608/GC2 596/G3 683/GP 602/GP3 600 /JS 579 /JS3 673 LMGM2 583/OFUV 647 /PMB 446/RS 734/SS 849/SPS/WC 877/WS 715/WOR4 680

Be Still and Know That I Am God (1,G) GC 618/WC  869

Beautiful Savior (2,G) BB-MI 195/GP 669/GP3 696/JS3 841/OFUV 560/OIF 931/PMB 542/JS 859/WC 1019/WS 820

Canticle of the Sun (1,G) BB-MI 424/CBW 542/GC 496/GC2 495/G3 576/RS 638/SS 803/WC 932/WS 756

Christ, Be beside Me (1,G) BB-MI 395/JS 687/JS3 650/OFUV 656/OIF 621/PMB 364/WC 747/WS 620

Creating God (1) GC 580/RS 711

Creator God, Creating Still (1) CBW 420

*Do Not Be Afraid (G)  GP 630/JS 731

Eternal Father, Strong to Save (G)  BB-MI 624/CBW 492/JS 865/JS3 848/OFUV 758/OIF 752/PMB 434/SS 1052/WC  863

Fresh as the Morning (1,G)  GC2 507/G3 587

*Gift of Finest Wheat, (C) BB-MI 324/GC 815/GC2 816/G3 940/GP 525/GP3 487/JS 803/JS3 791/WOR4 939

God of All People (1) GC 331/GC2 349/G3 412/SS 657

God, Our God of Distant Ages (1,2)  PMB 346/WC 736/WS 607

God, Whose Love Is Reigning O’er Us (2)  JS 613/JS3 737

Great Is Thy Faithfulness (2) LMGM 242/LMGM2 492/OIF 611

He Comes to Us as One Unknown (1) WOR 573

His Voice Is in the Thunder, in the Storm (1) WOR 515

*How Firm a Foundation (1,G) BB-MI 715/ GC 606/GC2 587/LMGM 102/ /WC 833/JS 716/RS 731/PMB 438/SS/WOR 585/WOR4 687

*I Am for You (G) GC 704/GC2 676/G3 794

I Sing the Mighty Power of God (G) BB-MI 421/GP 668/GP3 699/JS 635/JS3 618/RS 633/OFUV 598/ PMB 351/SS 800/WOR 502/WOR4 572

*I Sought the Lord (1,G) WOR 593

I Will Lift Up My Eyes (1,G) GC 500/GP 709/JS 646

If God Is for Us (G)  GP 712,714/JS 647/JS3 621

Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise (1) BB-MI 557/CBW 472/GC 506/JS 621/JS3 594/OIF 615/PMB 347/WC 738/WOR 512/WOR4 640

Jesus, the Bread of Life (C)  GP 527/GP3 515/JS 817

Let All Creation Sing Alleluia (1,G)  WC 734/WS 605

Let All Things Now Living (1,G) BB-MI 586/GC 567/GC2 551/G3 635/GP3 706/JS 641/JS3 608/OIF 895/PMB 516/RS 707/SS 838/WC 984/ WOR 559/WOR4 636/WS 792

Lover of Us All (G) GC 633/GP 643

*Many and Great (G) BB-MI 577/GC 498/G3 911/JS 630/JS3 834/PMB 345/RS 637/WC 740/WOR 503/WOR4 742

My Soul in Stillness Waits (1) GC 328/GC2 336/G3 415/RS 495/SS 646

Nada Te Turbe/Nothing Can Trouble (1,G)  GC 639/GC2 626/G3 733/RS 757

O Christ, You Speak the Names of God (1)  JS 668

O Jesus, Joy of Loving Hearts (G) CBW 654/RS 759/WOR 605/WOR4 705

O Worship the King (G)  OIF 617/PMB 349/WC 739

Oh, Who Can Know the Mind of God (G)  JS 633/JS3 616

Only Begotten, Word of God Eternal (1) RS 852/WOR 666/WOR4 839

Praise the Lord of Heaven (1,G) OIF 863/WC 951/WOR 551

Praise the Lord, Ye Heavens, Adore Him (G) BB-MI 531/CBW 567/JS3 584/LMGM 202/SS 825/WOR 529/WOR4 604

*Praise the One Who Breaks the Darkness, v 1 (G) CBW 582

*Ps 147: Praise the Lord, Jerusalem (C)

Remember Your Love (1, Ps, G) GC2 851/G3 961/GP 474/GP3 417/JS 561/JS3 533/OFUV 317

Save Us, O Lord (G) BB-MI 665/GP 301/GP3 229/JS 555/JS3 528/OFUV 316

Sing Out, Earth and Skies (G) BB-MI 552/CBW 545/GC 499/GC2 497/G3 577/RS 640/SS 801/WC 948/WS769

Singing Songs of Expectation (G) RS 780/JS 781

Thanks Be to God (2) BB-MI 58/JS 638/JS3 605/WOR 526

The Clouds’ Veil (1,G)  GC2 619/G3 710

The Works of the Lord Are Created in Wisdom (2) GC 493/PMB 350/WC 735/WS 603/WOR 504

This Day God Gives Me BB-MI 633/CBW 650/GC 757/GC2 749/G3 856//GP 727/GP3 779/JS 2/JS3 850//OFUV 838/OIF 209/PMB 2/RS 4,856/SS 943/WC 201/WS 34/WOR 673/WOR4 850

We Praise You, vss 12 (2,G)  BB-MI 549/CBW 633/GC 541/GC2 540/G3 608,617/GP 677/GP3 736/JS 626/RS 694

We Walk by Faith (G) BB-MI 493/CBW 495/FYC3 /GC 590/GC2 583/G3 /GP3 594/JS 700/JS3 669 /LMGM 550/OIF 693/PMB 416/RS 723/WC 847/WS 678/WOR4 674

With You by My Side (1,G)  GC2 623/G3 722

Without Seeing You (G) GC 844/GC2 842

Wonderful and Great (G)  OIF 860/PMB 499/WC 956

You Are Mine (1,G) BB-MI 455/GC 649/GC2 627/G3 721/GP3 651/RS 836/SPS 238/SS 863/WC 893/WOR4 704/WS 723

You Have Rescued Me (G) GP 475

Your Word Went Forth (G) RS 655


Choral Anthems

Title of Anthem, Voicing & Instrumentation Composer/arranger/editor Publisher & edition #  
Drop Down, Ye Heaven (2-part) Statham, Heathcote Oxford (Oxford Easy Anthem Book) PS
He Comes to Us as One Unknown SATB Ferguson Augsburg  
How Firm a Foundation SATB Shaw/Parker G Schirmer G
Kindness and Truth SATB Rorem Bossey and Hawkes PS
Lord Will Come and Not Be Slow, The (SATB) Tye, Christopher/Knight, Gerald RSCM PS
O Jesus Joy of Loving Hearts SATB Powell GIA G
O Lord Increase My Faith
O Lord Increase My Faith
Song of Creation and Salvation (SATB) Lovelace, Austin Augsburg (11-4670) 1, G
Veritas de terra (Truth Has Risen) (SATB) Banchieri, Adriano/Bowman, Carl Music 70 (M70-101) PS