Working through the humble and the lowly, God is transforming the world.

Music Suggestions

Choral Anthems

Music Suggestions

Zechariah 9:9–10. The kings of Israel usually traveled mounted on a donkey, the appropriate transport animal for that region’s climate, so there is nothing particularly unusual in that mode of transport. What is unusual is that the king of such a small country, mounted on such a defenseless animal, could banish chariots, horses, and warriors’ weapons and cause peace to break out “from sea to sea and from the River [the Euphrates] to the ends of the earth.”

Psalm of the Day:  Ps (144) 145
The selected verses focus on God’s reign and its blessings, especially for the poor and lowly.

Alabaré Tu Nombre/I Will Praise Your Name (Cortés)  FYC 274/FYC3 241

Bendeciré  Tu Nombre/I Will Praise Your Name (Schiavone)  FYC 273/FYC 242

Bendeciremos por Siempre (Rubalcava) Cantos 84

I Will Praise Your Name (Booth) 100

I Will Praise Your Name (Carroll/Gelineau)  WOR 904/RS 194

I Will Praise Your Name (Guimont)   GC2 1007

I Will Praise Your Name (Haas)  RS 193/GC 137/GC2 76/WC 479/WS 391

I Will Praise Your Name (Hughes)   PMB 680

I Will Praise Your Name (Jordan)  LMGM 538/LMGM2 43

I Will Praise Your Name (Roberts)  LMGM 539/RS 192/PMB 176/WC 480/WS 392

I Will Praise Your Name (Schiavone)   JS 987

I Will Praise Your Name (Smith)  BB-MI/GP 281

I Will Praise Your Name (Somerville)  CBW 151

I Will Praise Your Name (Sullivan)  WC 478

I Will Praise Your Name (Willcock)   JS 112

I Will Praise Your Name Forever WOR4 107

I Will Praise Your Name Forever (Harbor) SPS 9


Romans 8:9, 11-13. To understand this reading, you need to understand that Paul is not distinguishing between “body” and “soul.” Instead, “flesh” and “spirit” both refer to complete human beings. Those “in the flesh” are those to whom death still means alienation from God, those who do not have a faith that survives the challenge of death. Those “in the spirit” believe in the promise held out through Christ's resurrection.


Matthew 11:25-30. Jesus identifies himself as one of the “little ones”—those whom the world accounts as of little importance. Yet for those who come to him, Jesus can offer rest from their burdens.


Songs for the Liturgy


A Mighty Fortress -- Westendorf (G)   OFUV 641/OIF 732/PMB 420/WC 843/WS 681

*Age to Age, v 3 (G)   BB-MI 492/JS 703/JS3 670/SPS

Alive in Christ Jesus (2)  GC 799

All Who Hunger (G)  RS 845, 926/GC 820/GC2 817

All Will Be Well (G)  GC2 584/PMB 443/WC 876 /WS 709

All You Who Are Thirsty (G)  GC 501

*All You Who Seek a Comfort Sure (G)  CBW 425/SS 873/WOR 490

Be Not Afraid (1,G) BB-MI 43/GC 608/GC2 596/G3 683/GP 602/GP3 600 /JS 579 /JS3 673 LMGM2 583/OFUV 647/PMB 446/RS 734/SS 849/SPS/WC 877/WS 715/WOR4 680

Blest Are They (G) BB-MI 627/GC 659/GC2 636/G3 735/GP 35/GP3 759/CBW 522/LMGM2 602/RS 774/SS 870/WC 973/WS 788

Bring Peace to Earth Again (1,G)   PMB 503

Christ Is Alive (2,G) CBW 384/JS 441/JS3 418/OIF 455PMB 258/RS 601/SS 761/WC 590/WOR 466/WOR4 510

Christ's Peace (1,G)  JS 844

Come, All You Blessed Ones (G)   PMB 447/WC 879/WS 721

Come to Me – Norbet (Ps)  BB-MI 358/GP3 644/JS3 695/OFUV 730/OIF 791/

WC 880/WS 717/WOR4 716

*Come to Me, O Weary Traveler (G,C)  GC 637/GC2 630/G3 727/RS 769

Come to the Feast (G) BB-MI 307/GC 503/GC2 499, 734/JS 795/RS 642

Come to the Water (G)  BB-MI 601/GC 502/GC2 502,802/GP 706/JS 253, 650

Come to the Waters (G)  CBW 359

Come to Us (G)  GP 537/GC 743/GC2 740//G3 842/GP3 461/SPS 135,144

Come unto Me (G)  BB-MI 511/GP 418/GP3 580/JS 770

Come, Ye Disconsolate (G)  LMGM 255/LMGM2 590

Come, You Sinners, Poor and Needy (G)  RS 954/WOR 756/WOR4 962

Comfort, Comfort, O My People (1,G) BB 57/GC 326/GC2 331/G3 413/JS 327/JS3 295/OIF 365/RS 488/SS 638/WC 507/WOR 370/WOR4 402

Eye Has Not Seen (2) BB-MI 460/GC 638/GC2 616/G3 728/GP3 645/RS 758/SS 860/WC 881/WS 711

*Gift of Finest Wheat, v 1 (G) BB-MI 324/GC 815/GC2 816/G3 940/GP 525/GP3 487/JS 803/JS3 791

God Is Love! the Heavens Are Telling (1,G)  CBW 560

He Came Down (1,G)  GC 370/GC2 364/RS 519

He Knows Just How Much You Can Bear (G)  LMGM 254

Here I Am -- Booth (G) BB-MI 441/GP 625/ GP3 604/JS 717/JS3 684/OFUV 685/SPS 307

How Blessed Is This Place, v 3 (G)  RS 893/WOR 710/WOR4 894

*I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say (G) BB-MI 461/ GC 646/GC2 622/G3 724/GP 633/GP3 646/JS 726/JS3 692/LMGM 41,160/LMGM2 598/ OFUV 189/OIF 327,777/ PMB 452/RS 768/SS 865/WC 878/WS 712/WOR 607/WOR4 707

I Will Not Die (1,2)  GC 657/GP 716/GP3 758/JS 658/RS 771

In Christ There Is a Table Set for All (G)  GC 998/RS 916

It Is Well with My Soul (G)  LMGM 256 /LMGM2 569

Jesus Is Our King (1)  LMGM 91

Jesus, My Confidence (G)  GP 624

Jesus, Shepherd of Our Souls (1)  GC 725/WOR 649

Journeysong (2) GP 581/JS 759/JS3 731

Joyful, Joyful, We Adore You (G) BB-MI 542/CBW 511/GC 528/GC2 520/G3 614/GP 693/GP3 726/JS 617/JS3 575/LMGM2 435/OFUV 561/OIF 844/PMB 497/RS 669/SPS /SS 821/WC 945/WS 761/WOR 525/WOR4 611

Just a Closer Walk with Thee (G)  JS 775/LMGM 156/LMGM2 783/OIF 780/PMB 450/WC 884/WS 714

Leaning on the Everlasting Arms (G)  LMGM 257/LMGM2 592

Let the Hungry Come to Me (G)  WC 695

*Like a Shepherd (vs. 3 G) BB-MI 604/CBW 490/GC 325/GC2 332/ G3 402/GP 708/JS 648/JS3 622/OFUV 617

Lord of All Hopefulness (G) BB-MI 400/RS 713/GC 578/GC2 560/G3 663/GP 622/GP3 623/JS 690/JS3 647/OFUV 654/OIF 726/PMB 415/ /SS 839/WC 836/WOR 568/WOR4 686/WS 676

Now in This Banquet (G)  CBW 608/GC 833/GC2 825/G3 973/RS 933

*O God of Matchless Glory, v 2 (G)  GC 546

O God, You Search Me (Dps) BB-MI 436/JS 711/GP 601/GP3 620/GC2 509/G3 581/

WOR4 580

O Holy Spirit, by Whose Breath (2) GC2 475/G3 551/PMB 371/SS 779/WC 772/WS 632

O Jesus Christ, May Grateful Hymns Be Sung (G)  WOR 646

O Jesus, Joy of Loving Hearts (G)  CBW 654/RS 759/SS 1003/WOR 605/WOR4 705

Only in God (G) BB-MI 432/GC 621/GC2 591/GP 600,610/GP3 611,618/JS 712/JS3 679/OFUV 636

Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven (Ps) BB-MI 546/GC2 531/G3 613/ GP 685/GP3 735/JS 612/JS3 586/LMGM 198/LMGM2 464/OFUV 562/OIF 856/PMB 492/RS 684/SS 813/WC 957/ WOR 530/WOR4 610/WS 753

*Ps 34: Taste and See (C)

*Shine on Me (G)   LMGM 160/LMGM2 597

*Sing a Joyful Song (Ps)  BB-MI 537/GP 688/GP3 743/JS 616

The King of Glory (1) BB-MI 725/GC 486/GC2 494/G3 572/GP 423/GP3 368/JS 487/JS3 470/LMGM2 341/OFUV 514/OIF 640/RS 628/WC 763/WS 614/WOR 501/WOR4 565

The Voice of God (G)  CBW 433/WOR 358

*This Is My Body, v 2 (G)   PMB 318/WC 661/WS 554

'Tis the Gift to Be Simple (1,G)  G3 748/JS3 735/RS 792/GC2 657/PMB 402/WC 823/WS 656

To Jesus Christ, Our Sovereign King (G) BB-MI /CBW 438 /GC 488/GC2 492/G3 574/GP 422/GP3 360/JS 485/JS3 468/LMGM 92/LMGM2 /OFUV 517/OIF 642/PMB 370 /RS 629/SS 798/WC 743/WS 622/WOR 497/WOR4 570

We Shall Rise Again (G) GC 772/GC2 762/GP3 871/RS 872

*We Will Extol Your Praise (Ps)  CBW 574

We Will Rise Again (Ps,2,G) BB-MI 438/JS 714/JS3 681/OFUV 629

When Jesus Came Preaching the Kingdom of God (1,G)  RS 773/WOR 614/WOR4 723                     

You Are Mine (1,G) BB-MI 455/GC 649/GC2 627/G3 721/GP3 651/RS 836/SPS 238/SS 863/WC 893/WOR4 704/WS 723

You Are Near (G) BB-MI 433/GC 604/GC2 590/G3 695/GP 619/GP3 610/LMGM 184/JS 722/JS3 687/OFUV 631/OIF 790WC 894/WS 710

You Are Strong, You Are Holy (G)   GC2 700/G3 799

You Have Looked upon the Lowly (1,G)  CBW 624


Choral Anthems

Title of Anthem, Voicing & Instrumentation Composer/arranger/editor Publisher & edition #  

All Thy Works Shall Praise Thee (SATB)

Mathias, William

Oxford (A-180)

PS, 2

All Thy Works Shall Praise Thee (2-part men, percussion)

Parker, Alice

Lawson Gould (51385)

PS, 2

All Thy Works Praise Thee (SATB) Webber, W. S. Lloyd Novello (In Wonder, Love & Praise) PS, 2

Be Joyful, Ye Daughters of Zion (SATB) Jubilate Deo (SATB)

Titcomb, Everett

Carl Fischer (CM 437)


Come, Thou Unto Me (SATB) Christenius, Johann/Agey, C. Buell Concordia (98-2353) G
Come To Me, All Ye That Labor (SATB) Roff, Joseph Shawnee G
Come To Me, All You Who Labor (Unison) Hruby, Dolores Concordia (98-2098) G
Come to the Water (SATB) Foley/Helvey Alliance Music Publications AMP 0812 G
Come Unto Me (SATB) Atkinson, Thelma F. Harris (FH 2821) G
Come Unto Me (SATB) Burroughs Concordia (98-3055) G
Come Unto Me (SATB) Cox, Michael Hinshaw (CHC-5006) G
Come Unto Me (SAB) Darst, W. Glen Concordia (98-1577) G
Come Unto Me (SATB) Glarum, L. Stanley Boosey & Hawkes (5270) G
Come Unto Me (SSAA) Glarum, L. Stanley Boosey & Hawkes (5474) G
Come Unto Me (SAB) Glarum, L. Stanley Boosey & Hawkes (5480) G
Come Unto Me (SATB) Van Dyke, Paul C. Carl Fischer (CM 7408) G
Come Unto Me All Ye That Labor & Are Heavy Laden (Unison) Willan, Healey Concordia (98-2359) G
Come Ye Disconsolate (SATB) Johnson Morning Star 50-2602 G
Come Ye Sinners Poor and Needy 2 pt White   G
God, My King, Thy Might Confessing (SATB, 2 Tpts.) Goemann, Noel GIA (G-2226) PS, 2
Great Is the Lord (SATB) Berger, Jean Augsburg (11-0668) PS, 2
I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say Pulkingham   G
I Will Extol Thee, My God (SATB, 2 Tpts.) Berger, Jean Associated (A 558) PS, 2
I Will Extol Thee (SB) Butler, Eugene Broadman (4562-17) PS, 2
Lord Is Gracious, The (SATB) Roff, Joseph Augsburg (11-0612) PS, 2
Lord is God to All, The (SATB, Finger Cymbals) Berger, Jean Alexander Broude (AB-448) PS, 2
O Bread of Life from Heaven 2 pt mixed White Augsburg G
O God, My King (SATB) Anmer, John Oxford (Anthems for Choirs, Vol. 1) PS, 2
Psalm 145 (Unison) Red, Buryl A. Broadman (The Junior Choir Sings, #3) PS, 2

Rejoice Greatly (SA or TB)


Concordia (98-2291)


Rejoice Greatly, O Daughter of Zion (SATB) Rejoice, the King Cometh (SAB)

Petzold, Johannes

Augsburg (11-1651)


Sing, O Daughters of Zion (Sop & SATB)

Willan, Healey
Powell, Robert J.
Bender, Jan

Concordia (98-1113)
Concordia (98-3084)
Abingdon (APM-535)
Concordia (98-2517)


Tollite Jugum Meum (SATB) Palestrina, G.P./Laubenstein, B. G. Schirmer (9702) G
Venite Ad Me (SATB) Phillips, J. G. McLaughlin & Reilly (2232) G
Venite Ad Me Omnes (SATTB) Lasso, Orlando di/Agey, C. Buell G. Schirmer (11399) G
When I'm Afflicted, Poor and Low 2 pt   St. James Press G