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Music in Celebrating the Mass
A Webinar Series


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January 16, 2014
Eucharistic Prayer: Dialogues, Acclamations
James Wickman

“The Eucharistic Prayer is the center and summit of the entire celebration. Joining the people with himself, the priest prays the Eucharistic Prayer in the name of the entire assembly . . . .”
- Sing to the Lord, 176


February 20, 2014
Communion Rite: Purpose and Options
Charles Thatcher

“The high point of the Communion Rite is the reception of Holy Communion. This is preceded by rites that prepare the faithful to receive the Lord’s Body and Blood as spiritual food. . . . Because the Communion chant expresses the unity of those processing and receiving the Holy Sacrament, communal singing is commendable. The singing of the people should be preeminent.
- Sing to the Lord, 184, 189


March 20, 2014
Concluding Rites: Dialogues, Blessings, Dismissals, and More
Steven Janco

The whole assembly is dismissed “so that each may go back to doing good works, praising and blessing God.”
- General Instruction of the Roman Missal, 90c


May 1, 2014
Mass for Christmas, Easter, Weddings, Funerals
Kathleen DeJardin

“Over the course of the year the Church celebrates the whole mystery of Christ, from the Incarnation to Pentecost Day and the days of waiting for the Advent of the Lord.”
- General Norms on the Liturgical Year, 17


May 29, 2014
Intercultural Celebrations of Mass
Ricky Manalo, CSP

“Even as the liturgical music of the Western European tradition is to be remembered, cherished, and used, the rich cultural and ethnic heritage of the many peoples of our country must also be recognized, fostered, and celebrated. Cultural pluralism has been the common heritage of all Americans, and ‘the Catholic community is rapidly re-encounterign itself as an immigrant Church.’”
- Sing to the Lord, 57

TIME: All webinars take place at 2:00 pm et ▪ 1:00 pm ct ▪ 12:00 noon mt ▪ 11:00 am pt
PLACE: Wherever you are!

Each one-hour webinar explores an important aspect of our Mass celebrations that is of interest to musicians, clergy, and other pastoral leaders today. NPM is providing an exciting lineup of timely educational sessions conducted by knowledgeable and respected presenters.

No matter where you are, you can participate along with other NPM members from around the country (and the world!) and even submit your own questions during the session.

Don’t miss this opportunity for information-packed webinars at an affordable cost—all from the comfort and convenience of your own home or office. Even if you can’t join one or more of the webinars at the scheduled time, you can choose to receive a recording of the audio presentation and the PowerPoint slides to play later.

Choose the session(s) you’re most interested in or sign up for the entire series. Register at the same time for all nine sessions and receive a generous discount of more than forty percent!

Viewing the webinar. To view the PowerPoint presentation, you will need a computer (PC or MAC) with an internet connection. View complete system requirements here.

Listening to the webinar. You may listen to the presentation either by phone (we’ll give you a number to call) or you may listen through the speakers or headset attached to your computer.

Registration. You may register online,download and print the registration form (PDF) and mail or fax it with your payment. NPM membership is required for registration.

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