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Program Scholarships for Conventions and Institutes
Scholarship Information Packet (pdf file)

NPM Program Scholarships
NPM program scholarships are made possible through the generosity of NPM members who have made financial contributions to the NPM Program Scholarship Fund. These scholarships are provided to assist pastoral musicians with limited financial resources in taking advantage of opportunities for continuing formation at NPM conventions and institutes.

Scholarship Applicants
Applicants for scholarships must be NPM members and should be from economically disadvantaged parishes. The financial need of the applicant should be reflected in the application. NPM encourages members of all ethnic and racial groups to apply for scholarships.

Scholarship Awards
Scholarship applications are considered on a case-by-case basis. Scholarships are awarded depending on the financial need of the applicant and the amount of funds available in the NPM Program Scholarship Fund. Scholarships for conventions include full convention registration only. Scholarships for NPM institutes include the commuter registration fee only. All remaining costs must be borne by the applicant and/or his or her parish.

The Application Process

  • Complete the NPM Program Scholarship Application (pdf file)
  • Have the Parish Recommendation (pdf file) completed by your pastor or pastoral administrator.
  • Send all the completed forms to:

    National Association of Pastoral Musicians
    ATTN: Program Scholarships
    962 Wayne Ave., Suite 210
    Silver Spring, MD 20910-4461

All application materials must be received by June 13 for the 2014 National Convention in St. Louis, Missouri, or by the advance registration deadline for an NPM Summer Institute in which you wish to participate. Scholarship applications cannot be reviewed without all of the completed forms.

Scholarship recipients are to submit a follow-up report, reflecting on their convention or institute experience, describing what they have learned, what they are taking back to their parish, and how they can implement what they have learned.


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