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Pre-convention Events
Monday, July 11
Tuesday, July 12
Wednesday, July 13
Thursday, July 14
Friday,July 15
Saturday,July 16
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Tuesday, July 12
8:00 am Mass and Breakfast
9:30 am Breakout A
11:00 am Plenum: Spirituality: Many Paths, One God
noon DMMD Members’ Meeting
noon Cantor Brown Bag Q&A
12:30 pm Lunchtime Organ Recital
1:30 pm Showcase I: OCP
3:30 pm Events 1
4:30 pm Chapter Directors' Meeting
6:30 pm Breakout B
8:30 pm Events 2
10:00 pm Holy Hour/Adoration

Mass and Breakfast
8:00 am
Presider: Rev. Ricky Manalo, CSP

Join us for coffee, churros, doughnuts, and fellowship immediately following Morning Mass.

Breakout A

9:30–10:30 AM

Piano/Organ Institute and Composer & Text Writer Institute continue from Monday morning pre-convention sessions.

A-01 DMMD Members’ Institute: Liturgy in a Culturally Diverse Community
Mark Francis/Rufino Zaragoza, OFM
Cultural diversity affects practically all Catholic assemblies today. What are the best ways of helping all cultural groups feel welcome and an integral part of multicultural worship? Part 1 of 3

Francis Zaragoza

A-02 Gospel Hymns in Catholic Worship
James Abbington
Can music that came to birth in one worship style serve another style of worship? Yes, and it can do it very well! Come learn why and how.


A-03 Ars Celebrandi—Just What Is the Celebrant’s “Art?”
Leon Strieder
Ars Celebrandi is an important and often misunderstood concept. There is often a tension between what the text and rubrics say and what the local assembly may be concerned about and praying about, and it is the presider’s task to try to bridge this tension and lift up the people of God. 


A-04 Beauty Ever Ancient, Ever New: The Role of Beauty in the Liturgy
Jeremy Helmes
Is there a connection between aesthetics and an authentic sense of the spiritual? Is a “beautiful” liturgy one which satisfies the tastes of the congregation? The liturgy is first and foremost the work of God. So what are the fundamental criteria for the beauty of the liturgy, apart from trends and tastes?


A-05 The Nuts and Bolts of Projecting Words and Music - A Transmedia Approach Pt 1
Jerry Waite and Phil Snyder
Catholic worship transcends any one medium, as art, music, fragrances, and spoken word create a unified whole. It is time to add electronic media to this mix. Part 1 of 2

Waite Snyder

A-06 Energize Your Choir’s Singing and Leadership
Bert Landman
Where does your choir find its energy? How does it improve its choral skills? How does it express leadership in sung worship, so that the voice of the whole assembly is not lost? Here are answers to those questions.

A-07 Walking with Christ: How Devotions Can Be More “Liturgical”
David Haas
Devotional prayer is supposed to harmonize with the liturgical seasons and the liturgy itself, derive from our common worship and lead people to it. Here are some things we’ve learned about how to do all of this.


A-08 A Musical Pathway through Advent & Christmas
Mary Beth Kunde Anderson
We will mine our rich tradition and sing examples of music and texts that are best suited to the Sundays, rituals, and feasts of the Christmas season.

Kunde Anderson

A-09 Starting and Leading a “Youth” Liturgy
Craig Colson
Come explore how to begin, sustain, or build up a Youth Mass in which young people are engaged and led by a presenter with more than 20 years of experience with the LifeTeen model of youth liturgy..


A-10 Bilingual Repertoire/Repertorio Bilingüe
Peter Kolar
Explore established and recently-composed repertoire that will engage your Spanish- and English-speaking communities when worshipping together as one assembly.


A-11 Love Remains: Ministry of Consolation
Curtis Stephan.
If you find yourself planning more funerals, praying by bedsides, and comforting the broken hearted, come explore how the pastoral musician can be a vessel of hope and healing.


A-12 Sing a New Song: New Resources and Some Old Treasures for Psalmody
Tim Dyksinski
Examples from a variety of publishers. Some new examples as well as some wonderful older treasures you may have missed.


A-13 An Anglophone’s Guide to Pronouncing Spanish
Dolores Martinez
Don't be afraid of singing in Spanish. Come learn ways to master the pronunciation, even on elisions and double elisions. We'll sing some Spanish-only as well as some bilingual repertoire.


A-14 Chants of the Roman Missal, Part 1
Lowell Davis/Eurel Manzano/Alexis Kutarna
Why does the celebrant sing the dialogues. Two good reasons. How does the celebrant sing the dialogues? He uses only four notes. Who can help the celebrant learn? His liturgical music director?  Learn the basics in a session. Part 1 of 3.


A-15 Accompanying Spanish Hymns and Latino Choirs on the Organ
Kristin Dabaghian
Tips and techniques for the art of accompanying Spanish hymnody at the organ. We will discuss and work with diverse rhythmic styles, chord charts and incorporation of the organ into the culture of the Latino choir.


Plenum | Spirituality: Many Paths, One God
11:00 am

Dr. C. Vanessa White

God is one, but God is also infinite. There are multiple paths to the one God, even within the one faith that we embrace. And, as Vatican II reminded us, there are paths to God beyond our faith. But we are incarnate beings, limited, seeking. We need to embrace the path that we have found, but we also need to recognize the existence, reality and validity of other paths that lead people to union with God and therefore, in God with us.

Throughout her ministry and study, C. Vanessa White has had a passionate interest in spirituality and ministry formation. As a formation and retreat minister, catechist, lay missionary director, pastoral minister, and educator, Dr. White has been intent on journeying with those who are seeking a greater understanding of God’s will in their lives. She has over twenty-five years of experience in ministry and spiritual formation with lay and religious communities.



DMMD Members' Meeting
noon - 1:30 pm

Gather with other members of NPM’s professional division to reflect on the accomplishments of the past year and plans for the future.


Tarde/Buổi chiều-Buổi tối

Cantor Brown Bag Q & A

12:00–1:30 pm

Bring your lunch and join in a discussion of the cantor/psalmist ministry, and the resources and certificates that NPM offers.

Lunchtime Organ Recital

12:30–1:00 pm

Visit St. Paul's Methodist Church for a recital by Rebecca Marie Yoder, a student of Ken Cowan at Rice University. Please check box on registration form; transportation provided.

Showcase I: OCP
Praise the Lord, All You Nations! (Psalm 117.1)

1:30 pm

Join OCP staff and composers for the 2016 Showcase! Reflecting the breadth of cultural styles published by OCP, the Showcase will feature pieces for the entire liturgical year. A generous selection of music is our gift to you for attending.


Events 1: 3:30–4:30 pm
Gathered In Your Name 01-01
John Angotti, Craig Colson, Peter Kolar, Cliff Petty, Trevor Thomson, and friends
Come, lend your voice and sing along to some of the best contemporary Catholic liturgical music available today! This interactive song fest will enlighten your soul through song AND help you discover assembly-friendly music that you can replicate in your own parish. Presented by World Library Publications.

Voices of Texas SING! 01-02
Conducted by Lee Gwozdz
You won't want to miss this TEXAS-SIZE festival of songs and hymns, Sung by a choir of immensely talented people, young and not-as-young, conducted by Lee Gwozdz. Featuring the Corpus Christi Cathedral Choirs, renowned Concert Organist Adam J. Brakel, and the Cathedral Brass, Timpani, and Percussion, the program will include selections from the Pueri Cantores choral series, concertatos by Eugene Gwozdz, solo pieces performed on the Grand Cathedral Pipe Organ, and more. Don't miss this amazing afternoon of soul-stirring song! Presented by World Library Publications.

NPM Chapter Directors’ Meeting 4:30–7:30 pm

Chapter Directors will gather to listen, share, and learn during an interactive program designed to strengthen and add to the management skills of a NPM Chapter’s Leadership Team. The final draft of the revised NPM Chapter Manual will be deliberated in preparation for publication following the Convention. Chapter Directors will learn about the use of social media to improve Chapter communications, and the ability to conduct educational programs with Chapter members via the Internet, as well as other topics important to Chapter development. Dinner will be served. Pre-registration required. No on-site registration.

Cantor Certificates: Singing 4:30–6:30 PM

The NPM Cantor certification process that began during Monday’s pre-convention activities continues with the singing portion of each certificate Tuesday and Wednesday.

Breakout B

6:30 - 7:30 PM
Piano/Organ Institute and Composer & Text Writer Institute continue from previous sessions.

B-01 DMMD Members' Institute: Liturgy in a Culturally Diverse Community
Mark Francis/Rufino Zaragoza,OFM
Cultural diversity affects practically all Catholic assemblies today. What are the best ways of helping all cultural groups feel welcome and an integral part of multicultural worship? Part 2 of 3 .

Francis Zaragoza

B-02 To Everything There is a Season: Worship Planning in the African American Church
M. Roger Holland, II
Fasting and celebration; the baptismal bath and rebirth; a child born in poverty who transforms the world. How does the African American Church understand and celebrate the liturgical seasons?


B-03 What Good Is the Parish Liturgy Committee?
Rev. Tom Dragga
A collaborative work, more than Mass planning to provide vision and insight for prayer so that it can truly be the work of the people.


B-04 Everybody Sing! Whole Parish Music Ministry
Steve Petrunak
If we are going to sing the liturgy, we have to make singing part of our lives. Here’s how to involve the whole parish in music ministry.


B-05 Projecting Words and Music–The Issues
Jerry Waite /Phil Snyder
Part 2 of 2 Looks at Technical solutions to Transmedia in Catholic worship.

Waite Snyder

B-06 Surefire Recruiting for Church Choirs
Michael Kemp
Church choirs today need new members, so we must become proactive in recruiting. This session will offer practical procedures for opening the door to prospective choir members. Create the choir of your dreams!


B-07 The Heart of Liturgy and Community Building
Jeanne Cotter
Through storytelling we remember who we are, understand who we are striving to become, and together embrace all seasons of life as gift.


B-08 Rebuild the RCIA: The Initiating Community
Dr. Jerry Galipeau
In too many parishes, the RCIA has become nothing more than a course in Catholic doctrine. Let's discover new ways to animate the parish as the initiating community.


B-09 Youth: Music Ministry is Not "The Voice"
Craig Colson
“Look at me, listen to me!” Nope. Here’s how we use our musical gifts to provide a foundation for song by the whole assembly.


B-10 La voz de la asamblea (Spanish Only)
Peter Kolar
Cantemos al Señor: La Música en el Culto Divino nos dice que el coro enriquece la celebración pos añadir “un aporte musical que está por encima de las capacidades de la asamlea”, pero que “no debe minimizer la participación musical de los fieles”, Estas palabras nos pueden guiar al explorer cómo crecer más aquella “participación plena, consciente, y activa de los fieles que exige la naturaleza misma de la Liturgia”.


B-11 Critical Skills for Learning Hispanic Rhythms
Rodolfo López
Latin music is defined by its rhythmic beauty and power, which can be both rich and complex. Come and expand your rhythmic musical vocabulary by learning how to decipher and interpret the many Latin rhythms in the Body of Christ. All are welcome.


B-12 Youth and Working with Youth: Understanding and Embracing Praise and Worship
Chris Estrella
Praise and Worship, in the modern musical sense, is a delicate and intricate form of sung prayer. It’s not just noise, and it’s not just silence or quiet ambience, but a swirling, living combination of many prayerful elements, which require attentiveness and openness by musicians and faithful assembly alike. Chris will discuss this, with lots of musical examples!


B-13 Chants of the Roman Missal, Part 2
Lowell Davis/Eurel Manzano/Alexis Kutarna
The deacon follows the celebrant’s lead, and guides the congregation in a higher level of Liturgical participation. The deacon cannot be shy. He proclaims the Gospel and gives the great final mandate. Join your music director in learning to convene the congregation to enter into the sacred moments of the paschal mystery. Part 2 of 3.


B-14 Catholic Cultures in Life and Ministry
Sr. Patricia Wittberg
Catholic parishes today contain the most ethnically diverse congregations of all Christian denominations in the United States. Pastoral staffs and parish members confront the recurring dilemmas of welcoming multiple cultures. These dilemmas obviously include—but are not limited to—our liturgical celebrations.


B-15 Techniques for working with Spanish Choirs
Estela García López
Estela will share ideas and tips on how to sing in Spanish as well as how to work with Spanish-speaking choirs, their tendencies, aural traditions, and ways to create a successful Spanish sounding choir. Come prepared to sing in Spanish!

Garcia Lopez

B-16 Care and Feeding of the Aging Voice
Bonnie Faber
Expectations for those of us singing in the autumn and winter of our lives are based on our current vocal abilities, of course, but with help and care we can still sing in the present and even look to a future of singing.



Events 2: 8:30–9:30 pm

Durufle Duruflé Requiem at the Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart 02-01
Rick Lopez, Conductor ▪ Lynn Trapp, Organist
Duruflé’s Requiem is considered by many to be a masterpiece of the choral-orchestral genre from the mid-20th century. This moving event was conceived as a memorial tribute to Paul Salamunovich, a regular guest conductor, clinician, and presenter for NPM for many years until his passing in April 2014. The program will feature Lynn Trapp on the 106 rank Pasi Op. 19 organ, and the Archdiocesan Choir of Galveston-Houston under the direction of Rick Lopez.


“Mother of Mercy” Rosary Concert 02-02
Led by Pedro Rubalcava
In celebration of the Jubilee Year of Mercy, join OCP as together we honor the Mother of Mercy. Take this journey of sung prayer with us into the Joyful Mysteries, and emerge as ministers of mercy.



Presider: Rev. Msgr. Richard Hilgartner
Music Leader: Curtis Stephan

A new addition to our convention prayer, join together in a contemplative setting with inspirational music in a contemporary form as we offer a model of Eucharistic worship for both youth and the broad spectrum of parish communities. Supported by OCP.


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