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Monday, July 6
Tuesday, July 7
Wednesday, July 8
Thursday, July 9
Friday,July 10
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Thursday, July 9: T-Shirt Day
8:15 – 9:30 am Pastoral Musicians’ Breakfast
10:00 am Daytime Prayer
10:45-11:45 am Plenum:Liturgy in the Context of Joy and Sorrow
11:45 am Exhibits Open
12:00 - 3:00 pm Cantor Singing Adjudications
2:00 - 3:00 pm WLP Showcase
3:45 - 4:45 pm Breakout E
3:45 - 5:15 pm Institutes Continue
5:30 - 6:30 pm Youth Gathering 2
6:00 - 7:00 pm DMMD Social
8:00 pm Mass: Most Rev. David Walkowiak presiding
10:00 pm NPM Cabaret at the Amway


Thursday, July 9 ... is T-Shirt Day!

We are Called to Joy and Hope and today we are invited to show the whole world. T-Shirt day at convention gives us a chance to show the world in a unified way our Joy and Hope in each other and to those we might meet at the hotel and out and about in Grand Rapids. Be sure to order your T-Shirt in advance by checking the proper box on the registration form. 


Pastoral Musicians Breakfast
8:15 am


John Witvliet
Jubilate Deo

Michel Guimont
Pastoral Musician

Heed the advice of nutritionist Kathy Freston and come to the Pastoral Musicians Breakfast: "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When you feed yourself what your body needs when it needs it, that's love. So give your bod some TLC and sit down and enjoy a good, substantial breakfast." Gather to celebrate the accomplishments and work of those we honor with the 2015 Jubilate Deo Award, Pastoral Musician of the Year Award, Chapter Director and Chapter of the Year, and other honors. This is a ticketed event. Cost: $25.00. Order additional breakfast tickets on the registration form.

Daytime Prayer
10:00 am

Optional Memorial of St. Augustine Zhao Rong, Priest, and his 119 Companions, Martyrs of the Church in China. Many of these Christians died during the Boxer Rebellion in 1900; others were martyred between the mid-seventeenth century and 1930.

Plenum | Liturgy in the Context of Joy and Sorrow: Music as Pastoral Care
John Witvliet

Liturgy is formative through its fixed texts and rituals. But Liturgy is also emotive and expressive, embracing us in our full humanity. Music serves as formation and as pastoral care for the People of God. Liturgy is also an expression of the needs and joys of the community, as we cry to God for help or give praise for good things. So how can the celebration of the Liturgy address what people bring to the celebration in ways that allow Christ to meet people where they are, through rites and texts and song, and to form us into the people we can become?


Cantor Certificates: Singing
12:00 – 3:00 pm

For details see Preconvention.

Pre-registration required; space is limited; no on-site registration. Application deadline: June 15, 2015. More information and applications for certification at the convention.

Plenum | WLP Showcase

One in Faith
2:00–3:00 pm

Join your voice with World Library Publications composers and friends to sing through a diverse selection of musical offerings that express our faith and will work for choirs of all sizes and skill levels. You are sure to find quality music in many styles that will engage and inspire your choirs, your ensembles, and the assembly! All attendees will take home a resource packet filled with full-size octavos and other great samples, as well as a copy of the brand new One in Faith hardbound hymnal from WLP. Come sing with us!

Breakout E
3:45 - 4:45 PM

E-01 Lectionary Anthem Project Year C, Part 1
Tim Dyksinski

Anthems and Motets in a variety of styles will be sung. This session will include music for Advent, Christmas, and Ordinary time.


E-02 Marriage at Sunday Mass: Blending Rites, Considering Options
David Anderson

Come explore and sing as we consider celebrating the Rite of Marriage at Sunday Mass.


E-03 Introducing Chant into Your Parish: The Communion Antiphon and Psalm, Part 2
Charles Thatcher

The Communion chant should express unity and show gladness of heart [GIRM 86]. Learn how good choices and sensitive singing of a variety of antiphons and psalms can achieve this goal.


E-04 Dialogue with the Executive Director of the BCDW
Michael Flynn

An overview of current projects and developments at the Secretariat of Divine Worship provided mainly for the clergy in attendance at the convention.


E-05 Challenges Facing Campus Ministry, Different from Parish Ministry
Angela Stramaglia

Campus Ministry

E-06 It’s Not All the Same! The Different Skills Required of Liturgical Keyboardists
Kelly Dobbs-Mickus

Liturgical keyboardists need to be skilled in several disparate areas when it comes to being an effective liturgical musician. Discover the varied aspects of "service playing" and learn steps to skill building.


E-07 Children’s Choir Basics: Techniques, Repertoire, Rehearsal
Christine Jordanoff

Enliven your rehearsal and motivate your singers! Emphasis on musical skills.

Children’s Choir

E-08 Liturgy at Multiple Sites, Closed Churches, and Ritual for Merging Communities
Gordon E. Truitt


E-09 Funeral Rites: Mourning and Celebration of Resurrection
Kathleen Harmon, SND de N

From Mourning to Resurrection: how the funeral rites, and how we celebrate them, can help those grieving move through loss to the new life promised by the Risen Christ.


E-10 Effective Organ Practice Techniques
Huw Lewis

Beginning Organist

E-11 Liturgical Moments Beyond the “Big 4” Processions
Christopher Walker

Explore the musical opportunities for involving the assembly and the choir at key liturgical moments of the mass beside the ‘big four’.

Music Director

E-12 Music to Celebrate Filipino Traditions during the Liturgical Year
Ricky Manalo, csp

This workshop examines how we could place Sunday Eucharist in dialogue with popular religious practices, without disrupting the primacy of the liturgy.

Asian Pacific

E-13 Managing a Large Music Program
Curtis Stephan

Managing the music program of a large parish is a unique challenge. Learn tips for organization, for calling forth volunteers, for scheduling and more.

Music Director

E-14 Alexander Technique for Singers
Barbara McCargar

Many vocal techniques help us to develop our abilities as singers.  Focus on sound development alone without attention to the whole body (including body balance and the breathing system) can lead to an inconsistent or unreliable vocal quality at best.  In this session, participants will be introduced to and have experiences with some of the most effective and current approaches to breathing, freeing the voice, gaining greater poise, and vocal health.


E-15 Music to Accompany Healing and Dying
Miranda Eden

Using  techniques of music therapy to encourage those facing death. 



Youth Gathering II
5:30 pm
Meet with peers and members of the NPM Youth Steering Committee to review the week, share what's been learned, look at how to take the convention home, and plan for future NPM Youth programs.

DMMD Social
6:00 PM
Relax with other members of NPM's professional division, celebrate last night's performance with the Grand Rapids Symphony, and begin to slow down as we come to the end of our convention week..


Plenum | Mass with Bishop David J. Walkowiak
8:00 PM

Led by Bishop Walkowiak, the clergy, music staff, and other ministers of the Diocese of Grand Rapids offer us the hospitality of Word and Altar in the Eucharist. "Grant, we pray, that we may be aware of [Christ's] presence among us and, in truth and charity, experience in our hearts an abundance of grace, mercy, and peace" (from Mass for a Spiritual or Pastoral Gathering).

The collection taken up at this Mass will benefit the NPM Scholarship Fund, which provides academic scholarship assistance for the education of future pastoral musicians..


NPM Cabaret at the Amway
10:00 PM

Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome . . . At the end this final full day of the convention, local NPM acts peform in a fun cabaret-style setting with hors d'oeuvres, a dessert bar, and a cash bar because, after all, "life is a cabaret!" Your hosts for the evening are Rick Hardy and Peter Maher. Sign up for the Cabaret at the Amway on the registration form. Fee: $20.


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