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College Internships

Internship Description

The NPM intern program offers college students through postgraduates (ages eighteen through twenty-five) involved in music and liturgy the opportunity to participate in conventions at a low cost by assisting local convention volunteers in various tasks and responsibilities throughout the convention week. Interns work closely under the supervision of the Program Director and Facilities Director. The primary goal of this program is formation and learning; this is achieved through interns’ work throughout the week, daily group reflections, and their participation in the overall convention experience. Interns typically work four to six hours each day and are allotted the rest of the time to experience breakout sessions, events and performances, and other opportunities. NPM seeks to offer a space and experience that encourages discernment of pastoral music ministry as a vocation in addition to welcoming young adults into the NPM community.

Intern positions include technical interns, who set-up and attend to technical needs for breakout sessions and presenters; and roving reporters, who take daily videos and photographs, conduct interviews of convention attendees and speakers, and post on social media throughout the week. The number of positions varies, depending on the quantity needed any given year: numbers have typically ranged between eight and eleven interns.

Assignments will be based on program needs, applicants’ preferences, and the number of applications that we receive. We will honor preferences as much as possible, but we may assign applicants to other positions if needed. A training session for all interns will take place on Sunday, July 10. Interns will be required to work for four to six hours each day, depending on the convention schedule for that day. Each intern will receive complimentary registration for the full convention, a convention T-shirt, and housing for five nights in hotel rooms shared with other interns. Some interns may be asked to work through the Multicultural Intensive on Friday and Saturday (July 16–17); an additional night’s hotel room will be provided. This additional service is not mandatory for acceptance into the program.

Interns must cover other costs associated with their participation (e.g., travel and food).

Application Materials

Application materials must include a completed Application Form; an essay (1,000 words) describing your previous and current involvement in music ministry and the particular gifts you bring to the internship program; and a letter of reference from your pastor, music director, teacher, campus minister, or equivalent that speaks to your good character and your competence for the particular internship position for which you are applying. These application materials must be postmarked or time-stamped by May 15, 2016. Successful applications will be notified no later than May 31.

A completed application must include the following materials: 1.) application form, 2.) personal essay, 3.) one letter of recommendation from a mentor/supervisor who has worked with the student in music and/or liturgy.

Send this completed application along with your essay and letter of reference to:

NPM Convention Internships
962 Wayne Avenue, Suite 210
Silver Spring, MD 20910-4461.

You may also send your packet as an e-mail attachment to npmsing@npm.org (subject line: “Convention Internships”) or fax it to (240) 247-3001.


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